Horse Race still in play under shut doors

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How Safe Is It To Have Horse Racing During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

Amid the coronavirus outbreak is it still safe to have the horses racing!

To have or to have the horse race is the question!

Horse Racing Faces Challenges

The Coronavirus outbreak is threatening to change our world, and our understanding of it, in many ways. With unprecedented quarantines and lockdowns, the issue of holding horse races also assumes importance. Are horse races immune to any of the Covid-19 after-effects?

So far, horse races at many places are running as scheduled, with abundant precautions. However, many have raised the issue as to how safe it is to hold on to the races. Let’s find out more about this.

Horse Racing Updates

With the dark days of coronavirus coming down on the entire world, almost everything has come to a standstill. For a long time, the horse race sector believed that the virus could not affect them.

For now, the Louisiana Derby is still set for play. One of the world’s biggest races is scheduled to go rolling late March in Dubai. Also, several race tracks in the US are wide open. However, a new corona positive case in New York has been making the participation of the jockeys a little dicey as they have become reluctant to ride.

Japan, Hong Kong and the US have kept the tracks closed for the general public, whereas, the Kentucky Derby has been postponed until further notice.

Safety Matters

Considering that most of the tracks across the world are still open, safety is a matter of concern. The experts have been saying that the tracks are observing all the important precautions viz. temperature checks and limits on the number of people allowed in the areas at a time, and so on. National Thoroughbred Racing Association President and CEO, Alex Waldrop, said: “There’s a focus on protecting and caring for backstretch and stable workers who look after the horses, with dorm rooms available for isolation and ongoing communication with health officials.”
But rules and conditions are still changing, and horse racing too is facing obstacles.