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A Human Dental Surgeon Who Moved Towards Equine Dentistry

8th October 2018 | Mumbai

In conversation with Dr. Akruti Choksi, LA POLO finds out of how a human dental surgeon fell in love with Horses.

The charm of it can rule your dreams, the speed of it can blow your mind and the intensity of its love can cherish your heart. Horses are not just powerful but a faithful, loyal and friendly companion. Maybe it was this very trait of the horses that changed the heart of Dr. Akruti Choksi, a dentist. Currently Dr Akruti Choksi works with some of the best trainers in the major race courses, various polo teams, thoroughbred and indigenous stud farms, and with equestrian sport horses in India and Sri Lanka. She also supports various equine NGOs.

Few years back, Dr. Akruti Choksi was practicing as a human dentist surgeon, before she decided to do something different she was passionate about. “After 2 years of practicing as a human dentist, I decided to branch into equine dentistry.”

Talking about the change Dr. Akruti Choksi says, “I practiced Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism that inculcated the courage to follow my true passion and calling. So I decided to take the plunge and learn Equine Dentistry in New Zealand 10 years ago. I was very lucky to learn from someone who had a vast experience in this field. Warwick Behrns, my instructor has worked as an Equine Dentist in different parts of the world. He has an experience of more than 45 years. I was a clean slate when I went to him. He taught me horsemanship, a basic psychology of horses and equine dentistry. Students from all over the world have learned with him. He was excited to teach me as I was already a dentist so I pretty much knew the basic dental principles. I had the opportunity to undergo a rigorous training on more than 800 horses in NZ ( racehorses, Hollywood horses, polo ponies, stud farms, etc).”

Dr. Akruti Choksi did not stop here, her love for horses grew with the tick of the clock. She went a step ahead and learned Telepathic Animal Communicator. “A couple of years ago I was questioning my relationship with horses and how I could serve them better. This is why I became a Telepathic Animal Communicator. I have always believed working with horses is therapeutic for my life, they have the most forgiving, caring and noble hearts. My quest to do more with horses led me to now starting energy work with horses. I went on to do this class in the US this year called The Conscious Horse Conscious Rider. I now can help facilitate horses with health issues or behavior problems and also create ease between the horse and the rider.”

Being an Equine Dentist Dr. Akruti Choksi knows a lot about dental care for the horses. Dr. Akruti Choksi sets on an initiative to provide horse enthusiasts and associates about basic dental care.

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Dr. Akruti Choksi Tells

Common Problems In Horse Teeth

Most horses are bitted and are athletes. They have teeth that constantly erupt or grow. When teeth get too sharp or grow excessively they cause discomfort to the horse. Problems in the mouth cause malnutrition, bad behaviour or hamper the performance of horse.
There could be various problems in a horses mouth like sharp teeth, overgrown teeth, exfoliation primary teeth, overgrown or under grown jaws (prognathic mandible or maxilla), wolf teeth, malocclusion, fractured teeth,etc.
The main aim of equine dentistry is not only to correct problems but actually to prevent problems. Good dental work will make horses look younger, healthier and work better.

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