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The Imperial Celebrates Women’s Day

This Women’s Day, The Imperial celebrated women-hood with Anamika Singh and Parul Pratap

The Imperial Culinary Club stands for its initiative to share the finer nuances of ‘The Imperial’ cuisine. A unique and interactive platform to capture the culinary interest of cooking enthusiasts, it is a culinary class executed with the presentation of epicurean treasures in a live cookery show. Each session is full of exciting cuisines made either by the in-house chefs and The Imperial Senior Executive VP & GM- Vijay Wanchoo, who started his career as a chef and even highly skilled guest chefs on special occasions. The Club has arrested the interests of our discerning women guests with almost 38 sessions till date and with cuisines like Gluten Free with Sangeeta Khanna, Konkani with Tara Deshpande, Southern selection with Chandra Padmanabhan and other interesting sessions with Imperial chefs like Thai, Lebanese, Chocolate temptations, European, Kashmiri, Italian, Summer delights, Goan cuisine, Continental Brunch, Healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Pastries & Tarts etc.

This year too, The Imperial had Anamika Singh and Parul Pratap to share their journey of extreme women-hood and its celebration. On this occasion, LA POLO got in a conversation with these two prominent ladies, and here is a glimpse of their candid interview.

1. If you would have to learn to do something now, what would it be?

Parul Pratap: I would love to learn another language.
Anamika Singh: Oh god! I want to learn so many things. I guess, Time Management, that is important for me.

2.Are there any assumptions about women that you would like to change and why?

Parul Pratap:That we can’t put in the hours, or we can’t put in the time. I think women naturally know how to make time for different things in their life.
Anamika Singh: For me, the whole idea of others feelings sorry for women is just not called for. There is no up, there is no low, it’s just about, being together in the same platform. There is sympathy, and that does not work for me. For me, there should be empathy and not sympathy.

3.Any female icons that you aspire?

Parul Pratap: In cooks, I would say Julia Child, mainly because she started to cook post the age of 40 and she became who she is.
Anamika Singh: My principal from school, and my mom for sure. She is an amazing compost person that I know. Also, Oprah, I have grown watching her. She is just an incredible person. And I have so many friends, who are doing in their respective fields. All of them inspire me.

4.What according to you will be the greatest challenge of the generation of women after you?

Parul Pratap: The Balance. The concept of work and life balance; the idea of how to give your maximum output and still have the quality of life, I feel that will be very challenging for younger people.
Anamika Singh:The way they seek equality, because it is already there and if you still seek for it, you might be just pushed aside. It is important to understand the situations with composure rather than simply voicing it.

5.Who has been your biggest influence?

Parul Pratap: My mother, she was a home caterer. She use to cater for the senior citizens who lived in the areas where no body was to take care for them or cook for them. So, I grew up watching tiffins going to their houses and it brought so much joy to her that I automatically loved the idea of cooking and being a part of it.
Anamika Singh:My Dad, he is the biggest influence. The person I am today, how I work, how I devote my time, the punctuality. He was dedicated in his work, and I got a bit of it, and I am so happy about it. And also my brother, as we work together, he simply completes the balance.

On the event, Vijay Wanchoo, Senior Executive Vice President & General Manager, the Imperial, New Delhi also commented “We men are grateful to our women for the difference they make in our lives. Their inspirational journeys to the top of the ladder, through the lens of gender equality is a true awakening. It’s now time to be aware what is important for their well being as they surmount personal and professional challenges along their journeys. So, I am excited to share my thoughts today on these healthy Super Food recipes by Chef Parul Pratap and some interesting tea infusions to go with these by Tea Sommelier Anamika Singh. We are truly grateful to both these amazing women for lending their expertise in curating a fabulous Superfood menu and healthy tea blends, on the occasion of Women’s Day at The Culinary Club.”

He further continued “The session is a remarkable addition to the tradition of The Imperial culinary club which is now almost 38 sessions old and has a huge following in creating unforgettable learning experiences for our discerning guests. We have taught global recipes, tried to impart culinary skills in the simplest manner with interactive sessions on a live station and solved all home cooking queries for them. Our audience love the personalized attention and get an opportunity to know The Imperial cuisine better. Today, we are honored to make a little difference in the lives of our inspiring women, through food and tea.”

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