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The Inaugural Gauntlet of Polo Contest begins today

13th February 2019 | Wellington. Florida

The Gauntlet of Polo will host the Triple Crown Polo of US Polo, beginning with CV Whitney Cup today.

The United States Polo Association hosted a draw and draft party for the Inaugural Gauntlet of Polo Contest at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) in Wellington, Florida on 7th February.

The event which was exclusive to team owners and players participating in the event was held to decide the team compositions of the 16 teams playing for the 1st tournament of the competition: The C.V. Whitney Cup is the first of the three 26 goal competitions in the Triple Crown Polo competitions of the IPC. The estimated purse for the Gauntlet of Polo contest is at $ 1 Million and the reward for the CV Whitney cup alone is at 125,000

Naturally, being one of the biggest draws of the USPA, the drafting party saw many of the polo elite turn up to compete in the highly esteemed contest which was first held back in 1978.

The pre-decided match fixtures are mentioned as follows:

The Inaugural Gauntlet of Polo Contest begins today

The tickets can be purchased at the official website of the IPC at http://www.internationalpoloclub.com.
The event promises to be one of the most spectacular displays of Polo on the US soil. The matches can also be live streamed at the US Polo’s official website.