Polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

An Incredible Victory For Sahara Warriors In The RPC Cup

15th September 2018 | Jaipur

The winner was completely predictable after the third chukker as Sahara Warriors had taken a brilliant lead.

Jaipur, Rajasthan – The final match of Day 1 of the RPC Cup (06 goals) saw Sahara Warriors battle against Jodhpur Polo Team. The last match of the day was quite energetic and there was no suspense about the winner after the third chukker.

The match between Sahara Warriors and Jodhpur Polo team took place on 12th September at 5:00pm at the RPC ground. In the 6-goal match, both the teams played with a total handicap of +6. Both the teams looked equally confident and were ready to open their tally with a win. The Sahara Warriors stood strong with Cote Zegers (+5), Salim Azmi (+3), Hurr Ali (-2) and Vandit Golecha (0) playing for the team. Jodhpur Polo team also had a strong overall team with Dhananjai Singh (+2), Pranav Kapur (+2), Raghav Rao (+1) and Br Kartikey of Jodhpur (1) playing for the team. The match began with a 0-0 score as no team was playing with less handicap, so no team was given any points before the start. The winner was completely predictable after the third chukker, as Sahara Warriors had taken a brilliant lead.

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The match started with a goal from Cote Zegers giving Sahara Warriors the lead in the start. Their lead was extended with yet another goal from Cote Zegers taking the score to 2-0, with Sahara Warriors in the lead. Jodhpur Polo team was quick to respond with a goal from Raghav Rao. The first chukker ended with another goal from Cote Zegers. The Sahara Warriors were in the lead at the end of the first chukker. The score after first chukker was 3-1. The second chukker was a lazy one with Sahara trying to defend the game and getting prepared for the third chukker. The second chukker saw only one goal scored. Jodhpur Polo team scored in the second chukker. The first half ended with Sahara Warriors in the lead by 3-2.
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Both the teams stepped confidently in the second half of the match. The second half started with both the teams trying their best to score the first goal. The third chukker was intense and was the deciding one. Cote Zegers opened the third chukker with a goal and Sahara Warriors extending their lead. Salim Azmi scored one for Sahara Warriors too taking the lead to 5-2. Sahara Warriors were completely dominating the match and were completely unstoppable. Sahara Warriors had extended their lead to 6-2. Dhananjai Singh scored a goal to end the third chukker with Jodhpur losing by a score of 6-3. Sahara Warriors had the match in their hands and the fourth chukker saw them score more goals. Sahara Warriors didn’t allow Jodhpur to score even a single goal in the fourth chukker. With goals from Cote Zegers, Salim Ali and Hurr Ali, Sahara Warriors were able to end the match with a brilliant score of 9-3. Sahara Warriors completely dominated the match and ended the day with a blasting victory.
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