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Paying Tribute To Indian Craftsmanship- Steve Charles

“It is sad that Indian people do not value their own craftsmen”

Steve Charles, an unexplored artist, years ago came to India. He does not belong to a country, or to a community. The man belongs to the religion of art, who toils to work only to pay tribute the true craftsmanship. More precisely, the craftsmanship of the Indian artists.

While setting in conversation with LA POLO, he told us about his early journey to the country when he originally came to India while he worked with an English artist. Back then, their aim of coming was to make a trophy out of diamonds. That is how, his relation, started with India in general. Steve personally feels that the Indian craftsmen are undervalued. “I have had Indian clients where we had to tell them that it was Made In Italy, which is really crazy.”

Drawing his intention from the past, he resonated that the craftsmanship was the main reason to fly down to the country. Steve, looking around his latest collection with collaboration with Jewel Craftz said that the whole collection is a tribute to the Indian material and craftsmanship, which otherwise could not be found anywhere in the world, especially when it comes to the field of in-lay and overlay work.

Currently, steve Charles has joined Jewel Craftz on a permanent basis, which works on a similar pace. Steve Charles told us, “ It is about the choice of materials, coupled with the craftsmanship and then coupled with the aspiration of design, for me that is Luxury.” Recalling the hardwork behind the entire collection he told, “It is very interesting because three weeks ago, none of this existed not even the concept. It is the whole Jewel Craftz team and the workshop that made it possible with the intense process.”