Indian polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

Jaipur Polo Season 2018 : Kota Cup - Day 1

2 January 2018 | Jaipur

The league match for Kota Cup (8 Goal) Tournament was played between the teams Cavalry and Krishna Polo

Jaipur Polo Season 2018 took place under the aegis of Rajasthan Polo Club at 03:30 pm on January 2nd Tuesday.
The opening match for Kota Cup (8 Goal) Tournament was played between the teams Cavalry and Krishna Polo. Both the teams had a lineup of tremendous players. Playing for Cavalry were LD Lliyas Ali (-1), Capt Anant Rajpurohit (+1), Basheer Ali (+5), Col Ravi Rathore (+5). Krishna Polo had Aswani Sharma (0), Dusant Singh (-2), Shamsheer Ali (+6), Vishal Singh (+4).

The first chukker started with team Cavalry taking the lead with Basheer Ali who scored first two goals in the first chukker. Team’s patron Col Ravi Rathore secured the third goal with a 60 yard penalty in the first chukker. However, soon enough Krishna Polo’s Shamsheer Ali settled scores by scoring fourth goal in the fourth chukker. Vishal Singh from Krishna Polo scored the next fifth and sixth goal in the first chukker; in addition to that he secured the seventh goal with a 30 yard penalty. Sustaining the scores, Cavalry’s Basheer Ali scored the eighth and ninth goal in the second chukker.

Again Krishna Polo’s Vishal Singh retained and secured the tenth goal in third chukker. Maintaining the belligerent competition, Basheer Ali from Cavalry scored the eleventh goal in the third chukker. Shamsheer Ali from Krishna Polo secured the twelfth goal in the fourth chukker. Both teams dynamically defended their goals. The thirteenth and fourteenth goal was scored by Cavalry’s Basheer Ali in fourth chukker. And lastly the fifteenth goal was secured by Vishal Singh of Krishna Polo in the fourth chukker.