Experience the chills of snow with Snow Polo World Cup this January.

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Kitzbuhel Welcomes You To Be A Part Of World’s Biggest Polo Tournament On Snow

4th December 2018 | Kitzbuhel,Austria

the 17th Bendura Bank snow polo world cup, A 3-day event characterized by action-packed horses and refined ambiance. Enjoy the equestrian sport in Kitzbuhel midtown from 17th to 20th January 2019.

The extravagant polo in the snow event is back with its endeavors and enthusiasm to host its 17th snow polo world cup, 2019. With each passing year, this sport has grown in its achievements, highlights, teams, participants, ponies, and reverberations. A congregation of polo enthusiasts from all over the world, the sophisticated polo audience, vivacious ambassadors, every year convene for the enthralling equestrian sport in the snow. For the 17th time the Snow Polo World Cup will be held on the outskirts of Kitzbuehel and in the heart of the lofty peaks of Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range, an amazing insight in the backdrop from 17 to 20 January 2019.

Firmly established and over the years evolving, polo in the snow is one of the few most sensational and extraordinary snow sport that marks the starting of the new year in Kitzbuhel every year. This year will mark the 17th snow world polo cup and the event will be kicked-off Thursday at “Zur Tenne” Hotel in the center of Kitzbuehel. The social highlight will be the Saturday's VIP party ("Polo Player's Night") in the elegant tent on the polo field in Kitzbuhel. Being the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious winter sports Thomas Winter, Germany's best-known polo player, says polo tournament in Kitzbuehel is one of the highlights of the Year. "The Kitzbuhel Snow Polo World Cup is the world for me the best polo tournament on snow! I love this event, it is well organized and the atmosphere is awesome! "

2019 will feature 6 International teams-

snow polo world cup, polo in snow, Bendura bank team
16th Bendura Bank World Polo Cup


snow polo world cup, polo in snow,Kitzbuhel
snow polo world cup, polo in snow, Kitzbuhel


snow polo world cup, polo in snow, Bendura bank team , corum
15th snow polo world cup

snow polo world cup, polo in snow, Bendura bank team , corum


snow polo world cup, polo in snow,bernd gruber
snow polo world cup, polo in snow,bernd gruber

snow polo world cup, polo in snow,bernd gruber
snow polo world cup, polo in snow,bernd gruber


The Kitzbuhel polo was established in January 2003 with the initial snow polo tournament starting with 4 international teams and 1000 spectators. In 16 years of its events, the Kitzbuhel snow world polo cup is one of the leading global polo events, reaching 8 international teams and 15,000 spectators by 2016. The equestrian sport was started by Reto and Tito Gaudenzi who operated the polo events all around the world. Followed by them lifestyle events & companies now hosts the Kitzbuhel polo, led by the polo professional Tito Gaudenzi.

The kitzbuhel snow polo cup is in partner with St. Moritz snow polo world cup, also invented by Reto Gaudenzi in 1985. St moritz world polo is the world’s largest snow polo event in the world. The other partners include-

Beach Polo World Cup, Miami Beach- USA that was launched by Reto and Tito Gaudenzi in 2005 and organized by the father and son duo up until 2018,

Aspen Valley Polo Club, Aspen- USA that is owned and run by Melissa and Marc Ganzi, that is the best polo destination. It is also a polo mecca for the summer months hosting low to high goal tournaments.

Grand Champions Polo Club Wellington- USA that is one of the best polo clubs in the United States, located in the Equestrian Capital of the World, Wellington, Florida. It is owned by Melissa and Marc Ganzi, and has over 10 polo fields and over 300 stalls, along with the top artistic facilities.

Cortina Snow Polo Cup, Cortina-ITALY, the second oldest snow polo destination in the world, invented in 1896. Baku Polo Cup, Baku-Azerbaijan was first brought to Baku, Azerbaijan and for the past five years, world polo and the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan have hoste annual events featuring international teams.

The winners of the previous matches are as follows-

2018 BENDURA BANK Tito Gaudenzi(CH), Melissa Ganzi(USA), Alejandro “Negro” Novillo Astrada(ARG)
2017 CORUM Lukas Sdrenka(GER), Patrick Maleitzke(GER), Phillip Sommer(GER)
2016 ENGEL & VOLKERS Jonny Good(ENG), Katrina Thomas(ENG), Alec Banner-Eve (ENG)
2015 DWB HOLDING Valentino Novillo Astrada (ARG), Philip de Groot (NED), Sebastian Schneberger (ARG)
2014 LUXURY/CASTELFALFI Horacio Fernández Llorente, Andy Golling(GER), Facundo Fernández Llorente(ARG)
2013 AUDI Jonny Good(ENG), Tarquin Southwell(ENG), Richard Davis(ENG)
2012 HAWKER BEECHCRAFT Tarquin Southwell (ENG), Jonny Good (ENG), Richard Davis(ENG)
2011 WINTERTECHNIK Ignazio Tillous(ARG), Steffi Von Pock (GER), Eva Bruhl (GER)
2010 VALARTIS GROUP Tito gaudenzi(CH), Lucas Labat(ARG), Thomas Wolfensberger(CH)
2009 LANSON Thomas Winter(GER), Uwe Schroder(GER), Christopher Winter(GER)
2008 KAFER/LANSON Thomas Winter(GER), Uwe Schroder (GER), Christopher Winter (GER)
2006 BENTLEY WIEN Philip Maeder(CH), Harald Link (GER), Federico Bachman(ARG)
2005 HYPO LIECHTENSTEIN Peter Slupinski(GER), Laurens Brouns(NED)/Henk Van Druten(NED), Christian Bernal (ARG)
2004 VERTU Jack Kidd(ENG), Tim Bown(ENG), Tony Pidgley (ENG)