A Living Dream - The Indian Polo Awards

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A Living Dream - The Indian Polo Awards

With The Indian Polo Awards (TIPA), La Polo is presenting not just an award ceremony, but is in fact lightning multiple recognitions

Moving back in time, when La Polo was still studying deeply to find out that one element which for centuries remained missing in Indian Polo, we still knew one thing as clear as the break of the day. Even then, we united on “Celebrating the Champions within.” After days of rigorous study, understanding of the sport beyond the field, and analysing the multiple facets of Polo, we knew we wanted to do it. And probably, that very evening a living dream started to take shape to which we today introduce as The Indian Polo Awards.

The Indian Polo Awards (TIPA), is the first ever awards for the royal sport of Polo in the country. Shaped with the aim to surpass recognition to every element on and off the field of Polo, TIPA is truly a means where we shall celebrate every polo player, patron, pony, trainer, contributor and each soul, living or dead, directly or indirectly, associated with the sport.

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While we say that we with TIPA shall Celebrate the Champions within, we mean to give encouragement for the endless strength, the determination, perseverance, passion, discipline, skill and camaraderie the people of Polo in India possess. The sport that has lived in the world for over 2000 years and whose modern form was a gift to the entire world by the land of India needs to recognise its eternal love as well as devotion for it. In the polo fraternity of the country, it is often said, “Polo is passion” and with TIPA, it is this passion that we shall celebrate. We shall bring it all at a stage where the living legends will be spirited while they talk of the evergreen legends who established the first stones of the same. For polo, it takes the grit of a warrior, the heart of a dreamer and the focus of a determined mind to outshine everytime. TIPA has observed it all - it has closely seen the precision, combat, vision and hunger; we have felt it eternally. And now we believe it is the time to honor it all.


As we move ahead in time, passions will be revived along with the legendary tales. TIPA is the call of the era, and the need of the play. On the grand night of 21st February 2021, after the sun has had its fun, the hue of the blue blooded sport shall take over to hoist the glorious night of the big celebration. All the hustling spirit, charismatic performances, battling phantom and endless valor shall come together.