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A Luxury Journey Towards Chilean Fjords

21th June 2018 | Chile

We agree that Chilean fjords are fascinating. But, do you know what can make the experience more amazing? A luxury travel till those fjords.

Chilean southern coast has a presence of numerous fjords and its look-a-like channels ranging from Cape Horn to Reloncavi Estuary. Having a remote location, the initial thought about Chilean Fjords is- barren and desolate destinations. However, surprisingly, the truth is exactly opposite.
Enjoying wildlife in abundance, a journey towards Chilean Fjords is one of the most stunning experience. But, you know what acts as the cherry on the cake? A bespoke journey towards Chilean ice beauty.

 A Luxury Journey Towards Chilean Fjords lapolo
A Luxury Journey Towards Chilean Fjords lapolo

Now you must be thinking- How to get a luxury travel experience in Chilean waters? Well, Silversea brings to you elite experiences in your journey towards the mesmerizing Chilean Fjords. Designed for the people who seek delight in thrill and strive for lavish surroundings, Silversea is a perfect pick. Their cruises are spacious, with suites promoting beautiful ocean-view along with private verandas. Silversea’s bespoke voyages and cruises are famous for its culinary excellence and have both open dining plus private dining options. Apart from Chilean fjords, Silversea cruises also offer a luxury journey to some of Chile’s famous destinations like - Castro, Niebla, Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas etc.

 A Luxury Journey Towards Chilean Fjords lapolo
A Luxury Journey Towards Chilean Fjords lapolo

Silversea voyages are not like any other travel experience. It gives the most relaxing and amazing travel experience. Not just a fine trip till Chilean Fjords, the cruise and ship company constantly collaborate with expert artists and entertainers for special voyages to curate immersive experiences consisting of lush parties and performances. Some special voyages organized by Silversea are- culinary voyage, wine voyage, opera voyage

This 1994 established market-cruise line by V-ships and Rome’s Lefebvre familyis giving an unforgettable travel experience to people from past 24 years.