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Max Hoffman's Vision- BMW 507 - M Newsletter 85

LA POLO comes out with its 85th edition of the newsletter

The weekly 85th edition of LA POLO's newsletter talks in detail about the vintage cars, more specially about the cars that participated in Concorso d'eleganza Villa d'este. Out of several cars that participated in eight different classes, LA POLO chose four vintage cars that out-stood in means of their specification and such car was BMW 507. If the pages of history are to be believed then this was the car that saved the company from a downfall. BMW was bankrupt while making it but this was worth it. After facing the slaps of WWII, BMW was manufacturing motorcars and not luxury cars. It was then that Max Hoffman saw that BMW needed a change. BMW 507 was born after his vision. Other than this the newsletter covers tournament recap, polo to watch out for, latest news from the world of equestrian and interesting sections of the world of opulence. To read the complete newsletter follow the link below.

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Max Hoffman BMW 507