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Do Men Accessories Matter? Let’s Ask Hook & Albert!

8th August 2018

Guys! You need to know this about your fashion accessories.

There comes a time in every guy’s life when he takes the job of dressing up seriously, damn seriously! They tend to buy high quality shirts, hand-stitched pants and what not. The essentials are updated and those funky quoted t-shirts bid adieu and elegant sleeved shirts make their space in the wardrobe. But, what more? Is it enough? No! You need to accessorize up! LA POLO brings to you the insights of men accessorizing from the perspective of Hook & Albert’s founders, Adam and Cory.

LA POLO: How essential is accessorizing for the overall appearance of a male?
H&A:Men Accessorizing is the only part of your look that will differentiate you from the next guy. If you line up five guys, all wearing the same fitted Navy suit and white shirt, the first look is the same as the last one. It is the man’s watch, socks, briefcase, tie, pocket square, luggage etc. which defines each individual. We like to say in Menswear, the large things have gotten smaller, and the smaller things have gotten bigger.

LA POLO:A quality brand, if asked to accessorize men based on their zodiac traits, how will you dress up a- Libra Man,Taurus Man,Sagittarius Man?
H&A:Interesting question which I will answer by matching the above zodiac traits with a specific HOOK & ALBERT accessory.
Libra Man – A bold patterned pair of socks.
Taurus Man – A HOOK & ALBERT Formal Briefcase in Black.
Sagittarius Man - A bright pocket square with matching Lapel Flower

Founded in 2011, Hook & Albert is a synonym of quality and craftsmanship in the world of men accessories. When asked the genius heads Adam and Cory about the origin and philosophy of the brand, here is what they have to say-

LA POLO:As a relatively new name giving tough competition in the world of travel and accessories, how did the idea for Hook and Albert cultivate?
When we launched HOOK & ALBERT in 2011as a men fashion brand, the brand thesis was built around a new conceptual attitude and an elevated objective: to create a singular retail destination that transports men into a world of carefully designed, functional accessories and amazement. Our divergent thinking and designs were responsible for bringing some of the biggest trends to the US menswear accessories market. What has made our brand one of the fastest growing men’s accessories brands in the country, is our effortless ability to provide men with timeless pieces that enhance their core wardrobe and lifestyles. That said, four years ago we launched our Garment Weekender Bag, which pushed us into the world of travel. Shortly after that product launch, Conde Nast Traveler said “ it’s the only garment bag you will ever need.” Fast forward to present day, HOOK & ALBERT is a global travel brand for today’s premium-seeking spring traveler.

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Cory & Adam

LA POLO:Hook & Albert is 'obsessed with finding the perfect balance between function and style'. How does the brand attain it?
First off, we have an incredible design team, led by our design director, Donna Ballin. Donna has been with us since the beginning of this journey, and really understands our design philosophy, balancing function with style. She forces the team to look at every project through a dual lens. One view is that of an engineer; how can we make the product work better. The other is stylistically, how can the product fit within the collection while standing out on its own.