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Mexico’s Hidden Spots Which Needs To Be Revealed

6th June 2018 | Mexico

Mexico inquisitiveness makes it a permutated place with some underrated astounding locales.

We all know Mexico for its luscious eateries and eye-pleasing beaches. But, there is a lot more within the geographical limits of the country to make your trip an indelible experience.

1.Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries-
Every year without fail, Canadian Monarch Butterflies travel to Michoacán to elude winter chills. Their journey embarks by October end and till November the plush greenery of their temporary home changes into sunbathing orange because of the uncountable butterflies on the trees, on the muddy ground and in the sky. This prepossessing phenomenon can be beholden by visiting any of the three sanctuaries.

 Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries-

Mexico’s Hidden Spots Which Needs To Be Revealed
Mexico’s Hidden Spots Which Needs To Be Revealed

2.Hierve El Agua

Located in Southern Mexico, Hierve El Agua is a 50-kilometer drive from Oaxaca City. For those who crave for extraordinary, this place is a must to visit. Two waterfalls formed around thousand years ago turned into rocks because of rich mineral content and since then fascinated archeologists, biologists, and geologists round the globe. The place is a sacred point for an indigenous Mexican group known as Zapotecs and is said to be a sanctuary of a celestial being.

  Hierve El Agua

3.Cancun Underwater Museum

What hits our mind at the mention of ‘Cancun’ is lush parties and soothing coastlines. But, surprisingly, this gorgeous location has much more in its basket. Located between Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Isla Nizuc, is an underwater wonder for all those for whom diving is bae. A museum in the depths of the ocean offers the view of 500 sculptures and create a harmonic synergy amongst tourist and fragile habitats beneath the sea.

  Cancun Underwater Museum