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14 july 2017

The eighth version of “La Vendemmia” is being held in Milan’s most prestigious locations: historic palazzos, boutiques, restaurant and hotels.

The eighth version of “La Vendemmia” is being held in Milan’s most prestigious locations: historic palazzos, boutiques, restaurant and hotels. This is an exclusive event where style and the art of “savoir vivre” come together. For an entire week, a unique experience will take place in these locations. The event is being promoted by the Montenapoleone District in partnership with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia, which brings together various fashion brands and leading names in the Italian and international wine business.

The president of the MonteNapoleone District, Guglielmo Miani, supports “La Vendemmia” and is making it stronger from year to year. Till date he represents over five hundred of the world’s leading Global Luxury Brands, and he says “From the first year to now, the stores involved in the event have gone from 30 to 105, a surprise for our guests, who see how the choice and goods offered by some of the most attractive boutiques in the world in a unique, original context continues to increase. Among all the events we organize, it is one of the most successful as it enlivens the streets of the district also in the evenings, creating a unique atmosphere that helps make Milan one of the world’s most sought-after destinations.”

During last year’s event, Milan’s mayor, Giuseppe Sala, emphasized its merit. He quoted, “When the best of Italian and international wines encounter high fashion, the result can only be a unique experience. For years, Milan has not only celebrated wine in all its richness and variety with “La Vendemmia”, but also made it the protagonist of the city’s luxury shopping district. So let’s see more initiatives of this kind, that give Milan’s citizens and visitors the chance to discover our city through an engaging programme of events and taste experiences.”

This exclusive event also gives an opportunity to the public to try some of Milan’s most renowned restaurants at a special price with “La Vendemmia” menu paired with a glass of wine. Every year, Milan’s luxury hotels organise special food and wine events such as specially designed menus, vertical tastings, personal meetings with sommeliers and exclusive wine experiences, and offer special “La Vendemmia” Five Star Luxury Hotel packages that include a VIP pass to access events in the programme.

The shopping experience offered by the boutiques gives invitees access to exclusive services such as a dedicated sales assistant, delivery of purchases to their hotel or home, and after-hours openings on request. In addition to this, the invitees get a chance to taste the best Italian and international wines.

One of the most eagerly awaited events is without doubt the charity auction to be held on Thursday, 12 October at Palazzo Bovara, where investors and wine lovers will have the chance to bid for bottles of Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia vintage and collectors’ fine wines. The wines will be auctioned by Christie’s, and the entire proceeds will be donated Onlus Dynamo Camp, the first Recreational therapy Camp in Italy specially structured to host children from 6 to 17 years old with serious and chronic pathologies, free of charge for holidays. Last year, there were 23 lots sold, raising a total of over Euro 31,000, enough to cover a week’s holiday of 23 families!