High-goal polo players gallops on the horseback in the Greenwich Polo Club for the prestigious Monty Waterbury Cup.

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Monty Waterbury: The Third Oldest Official Trophy of USPA

18th June 2018 | USPA

In remembrance of the 10 goal polo player- James “Monty” Waterbury, USPA commenced the Monty Waterbury Cup, which now stands as the third oldest official USPA trophy.

Named after the 10 goal polo player James “Monty” Waterbury, the Monty Waterbury Cup is the official third oldest trophy of USPA participating actively in competitions.

Since 1922, the trophy is played for a perpetual challenge at a stretch. Although after the first Monty Waterbury Cup played at the Meadowbrook Club in Westbury, Long Island, the trophy was battled on the similar ground for straight 28 years. It was only in 1954 that U. S. Open altered the venue to settle for Illinois integrated the schedule into Northern Circuit. But this reported to the downfall of the cup, for it slowly margined under the covers until it was recovered back in action in 1975.

Reportedly the re-establishment of the cup was due to the victory of Fairfield County Hunt Club in 1975 which was duly headed by Circuit Governor George Haas Jr. Also the similar has been penned by Horace Laffaye in his book titled “ Polo in the United States”.

Played at Hickox Field, with the final match being held at Bethpage State Park [on Long Island].
George played an inspired polo in this tournament, with plenty of help from Delmar Carroll,
Peter Orthwein and Myopia’s Adam Winthrop.
Monty Waterbury: The Third Oldest Official Trophy of USPAlapolo
Monty Waterbury: The Third Oldest Official Trophy of USPA lapolo

This year's’ Monty Waterbury Cup was hosted by Greenwich Polo Club, who historically captured the most number of wins for the trophy, especially in the 80s and the 90s; a five wins record to be precise. Prior to this, the club has hosted the cup in 2003, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now in 2018.