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The Indian Polo Awards (TIPA) the first ever polo awards in India, is the call of the time and possibly a change in events for the future of Polo

It isn’t hidden as a fact and a truth that the blue-blooded sport of Polo is one of the oldest sports played by the human race. It holds within itself an endless number of legendary stories and unbeatable fables of chivalry.

Carrying a spark of speed, intensity of a war and the grace of Cavalry, Polo has had all its colors always rule the hearts of people with it’s charm. Although the sport has reached overwhelming heights of success over the years, there has been something that remained missing. More precisely focusing on the Indian Polo, the fraternity along with the enthusiasts sensed a need for change. Absorbing the need and the time at the perfect instance, LA POLO decided on to bring back the recognition to every element of the sport. And that is when LA POLO concluded to present Los Polistas THE INDIAN POLO AWARDS in association with MBJ & Wedding Asia.

Believing that Polo is the amalgamation of champions, Maninder S. Sethi, Editor-in-Chief, LA POLO came up with the idea that runs behind the formation of THE INDIAN POLO AWARDS. He said, “It’s the celebration of the champions within. Our idea is to bring more and more people to fall in love with the sport and TIPA is just another step towards it.” He added, “It is essential for the players, patrons, managers and everyone involved with the game to get the necessary amount of recognition as well as celebration. Only then can the futuristic image of the sport can be brighter and better.”

In coordination to his thoughts, a number of people from the Indian Polo fraternity shared their views on the need for something like The Indian Polo Awards. In conversation with HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur, LA POLO was able to get his understanding of the awards. The young polo player of India, who currently plays at +4 handicap said: “I think conducting TIPA is a very good decision and it's about time that recognition must be given to the polo players, grooms, organisation, horses must be given. It’s a great initiative and will definitely inspire everyone to push their limits.” The Maharaja of Jaipur mentions how the sport is his passion and taught him a lot in his life.

While the prominently young gun had to share his fresh thoughts, Chirag Parekh, a playing patron joined hands with LA POLO’s initiative in his own way. The man who has polo in every bit of his life, stands in association with The Indian Polo Awards. He is one of the finest promoters of Polo in the country. Talking about the sport he fondly claimed; “Polo is probably the best game our country has.” When it comes to Polo, it’s not just the way Chirag comes out as a playing patron, but also the way his family apparel brand- Los Polistas is associated with the sport. Los Polistas stands as the Associate Partner with The Indian Polo Awards to celebrate, recognise and appreciate the people of Polo. Tracing back to its core values of tribute to the valor, courage and skill of Polo players worldwide, Los Polistas celebrates Polo in everything they do. With a similar spirit they have their name associated with TIPA.

Another playing patron and a prominent name in the Indian steel industry, Naveen Jindal, patron of the Jindal Panther Polo team shared: “The Indian Polo Awards is the right now a necessary step because there aren’t many polo players left.” He believed that it's the call of the time and the hope of change.

For any player, it is an honor to be awarded for his excellence in the sport and to one such player, who has been rewarded with the prestigious Arjuna Award, LA POLO asked the importance of this kind of recognition. Sharing his thoughts on the same was +6 handicap polo player, Simran Singh Shergill. He said: “All the younger players that will be seeing their fellow mates receive The Indian Polo Awards will surely work to strive for the award for themselves. This is going to be a big change and I am surely looking forward to it.”

Talking with the ace of the sport, it comes out strikingly as to how TIPA can inspire the entire Indian Polo fraternity at giving their best foot forward in a refreshed manner. The awards are not just going to celebrate the champions within but are surely going to give birth to the future warriors.