Mini Clubman, from the collection of Best Camping Cars

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The Next Level Camping Cars

9th August 2018

The perfect camping car collection for the adventurer inside you.

A night and a long drive under the pure and admirable stars is the best way to discharge the stresses of daily life. A camp along the beach or a camp on the outskirts with your friends or family always cheers you up, but to do it right, you’ll need supplies and a vehicle to transport them.

A lot goes into choosing the ideal camping car. It has to get you there for one, so it must be adventurous and at least somewhat tough. Here are the best and luxurious camping cars handpicked by LA POLO.

The Wrangler is one of most iconic off-roaders ever manufactured, and for good reason. The SUV’s body-on-frame structure and rigid live axles give it a toughness newer crossovers can’t match, and the culture behind it is as strong as any car. You can opt for Jeep’s countless camping accessories, but who cares? You can take the doors and roof off for crying out loud!

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Despite the fact that that 90 percent of Land Rover owners never use this feature, the automaker’s off-road skill is nothing short of legendary. This model includes Terrain response driving modes, which automatically adjust the transmission and suspension based on what surface you’re driving over. One of the most comfortable cars in the segment has got some classy looks and in-class interiors.

Camping car, best camping car, car camping, luxury

The only reason it comes down in the list is it’s not so powerful engine. Being a minivan it has got all the luxurious interiors, extra space and brilliant looks. The car has a built in vacuum to remove the dirt from your sleeping bag. The minivan which accompanies 13 cup holders, heaters and eight USB ports with it. The best car for your travels and camping if you don’t like power

Camping car, best camping car, car camping, luxury

MINI has got a reputation of a car with which you don’t want to mess around much. In an attempt to change that, the automaker released a crossover LUV. Providing the car with an ample amount of space and born-to-last interiors and exteriors the brand made a good camping car. A car which is slightly overprized is the luxury symbol for camping cars.

Camping car, best camping car, car camping, luxury

Subaru Ascent is a three row, seven seat SUV and is the biggest SUBARU production ever. A SUV whose two rear rows of seats can fold down comes with 19 cup holders. SUBARU promises a tow rating of 5000 pounds when properly equipped. A luxury car with the best-in class looks and performance is a car to look for.

Camping car, best camping car, car camping, luxury

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