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Objects of Desire

Luxury bridges perceptions and realities. The selection featured here highlights some coveted luxuries, wrought with intricate craftsmanship. The eye-catching features are marked by decades of research, development and innovation

Focal, Naim and Bentley Collection: A rare amalgamation


The Focal, Naim and Bentley collection is a collaboration that provides listening and sound experience through its products - headphones, speakers and sound features in automobiles. The promotional says: “The best in acoustics, electronics and luxury motoring have been combined: Focal, Naim and Bentley together have developed a collection of unique products to provide an exceptional listening experience in the car, at home and while travelling. With the Focal for Bentley Radiance hi-fi headphones and the Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition wireless loudspeaker, the French brand and the two British brands have excelled.” Expertise and excellence gained by each individual brand over the years have enabled this collaboration to specialise in acoustics, electronics and luxurious racing automobiles. All the three brands have adopted the finest engineering techniques since their inception. Their respective brand heritage, and leadership has brought several accolades, for instance Naim is a recipient of Queen’s Award for Enterprises, Bentley holds a royal warrant to the British royal family and is regarded as an Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living heritage company or EPV). The French brand, Focal is a leader in the world of high-fidelity solutions. For more than 40 years, the brand has dominated the market through its expertise. This collaboration will thus result in creating optimum customised acoustic experience in automobiles for its buyers. Moreover, this collection will be an amalgamation of aesthetics, luxury and details, as resulting from extensive research and skills gathered over the years. “Each product has its own identity, yet embodies the essence of Bentley. The Copper finishes are a reference to the styling of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, itself inspired by the DNA of the EXP 100 GT electric concept car. The recurring motif on the products is inspired by Bentley seats’ iconic ‘Diamond’ quilting. The pure design of these special editions is complemented by cutting-edge Naim and Focal technologies for top-end, harmonious sound reproduction, whether you are listening to the Bentley in-car audio system, the Mu-so loudspeaker or the Radiance headphones.”


Patek Phillipe: A rare beauty

Time and tide wait for none. Patek Phillipe comprises a collection of rare watches. In its latest collection, Patek Phillipe incorporates handmade facets to its collections of pocket watches and wrist watches. The coveted ones are Grand Complications, Nautilus and Golden Ellipse. Patek Philippe has been pursuing traditional Genevan watchmaking artistry without interruption since 1839. The manufacture benefits from full creative freedom, which allows it to design, develop, and craft watches that connoisseurs consider to be the world’s finest – as pledged by its founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe. In addition to exceptional skills, Patek Philippe nurtures a tradition of innovation that has been crowned by over one hundred patents.


Buggati: Excellence in cars

Bugatti cars catch the eye and attention as they pass you by on roads. These speedy beasts have both flair and flamboyance that is captivating. Buggati’s trademark hall breaks, sporty and stylish features and in-built luxuries, make it an object of a bespoke lifestyle. This German brand has been best known for its supreme design and race victories since 1909. “Over 400 km/h (249 mph), a car must offer a lot of downforce, but with the lowest possible aerodynamic drag. The body must therefore be particularly efficient and streamlined,” states Frank Heyl, Deputy Design Director at Bugatti. The extended rear end, known as the “longtail” gives the CHIRON Super Sport a whole new character, not only visually, but also technically. The bespoke experience of Buggati is the result of its extraordinary aerodynamics. The circa 1856 brand has carved out a place for itself in the market and personifies speed and luxury.