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oxford shoes: Keeping up the Scottish trends

The evolution of oxford shoes is quite unclear and its whereabouts are still not known. Some people claim that its mainstream is Oxford University and some claim that Prince Albert of Scotland was the man behind the discovery of the oxfords. Hence the origin of the Oxford shoes is quite ostensible.

Oxford University has always been considered as the mainspring of the oxford shoes but here lies a covert story behind the origin of the oxford shoes which has been a clandestine affair to most of the oxford shoe lovers. Although it is true that the oxford shoes became popular among the students of the oxford university after they evolved the half boot shoe known as ‘oxonion’ into a legit, sleek and elegant closed boot which was sans slits and had its eyelets beneath the vamp.


It all began back in the bygone era of Scotland when boots and footwear were quite popular among both men and women. The Prince Albert of the Scotland, who paid great attention to his dressing sense, had an obsession of getting spruced up in authentic and exceedingly elegant turnouts. At his behest a regal shoemaker designed and customized a bespoke pair of shoes. Moreover, the prince found it feasible to move around and take long strolls within the castle that too with quite an ease.
Eventually, the boot that the shoemaker had designed became famous as ‘balmoral’ oxford shoes, which was conceivably named after the Balmoral Castle of Scotland.


After this the evolution of similar shoes gave rise to Oxford shoes which were popularized among the students of the oxford university. What made these shoes totally authentic and distinctive from other shoes were the eyelets which lie beneath the vamp of the shoe thereby proffering an iconic and elite element in its design.


Eventually it emerged as a pair of shoes which became an emblem for enhancing the element of boldness in a women’s personality. Be it off the peg, a bespoke design or a hand me down from their husband’s wardrobe, it never failed to satiate the desire for haughtiness and boldness for the rebellious women. Hence oxfords for women also became quite popular since they loved to pair up such elements of boldness in their attire.
Not only the shoes were comfortable for the diurnal activities but they also piqued the interest of the flappers since they considered it as a preppy affair. Also During the Rock 'n' Roll era of the fifties, Oxford became the sought after shoes for rocking the dance floor, thereby making it doable to sway and roll along the beats of the music.


Contemporarily, the new versions of oxford shoes have became famous among a large number of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. They are popularly known as brogues which are ubiquitous to find in the current scenario. Brogues come in a wide range of colors, shades and textures thereby providing a versatile platform to pair up for all those young damsels out there.
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On the top of all this, no matter how swanky and costly pair of shoes one has got, “luxury isn’t luxury until it is comfortable”.