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27 June 2017 | Rome

The rally of the most astonishing cars of all times started from 21st June and ended 25th June.

The rally of the most astonishing cars of all times started from 21st June and ended 25th June. An event which was tribute dedicated to the German race car driver Rudolf Caracciola, a well-known race driver who actually started his career being a sailor, traveling around the world and exploring different paths. Later he managed to persuade his racing dreams and at the age of 68, he still drives race cars during special events giving a master's guest appearance.
All cars are flagged off before the start at the first stage of the Passione Caracciolo Rally.
There is something in the air about these old timer vehicles that takes time to get used to, but once the driver gets the right nevers, it flows through your adrenaline smoothly and softly creasing each turn after a few kilometers behind the wheel. No unnecessary buttons and functions to deviate your attention, it's just all the things needed to drive around in a wonderful and stylish car, with rally directions on the seat and the melody of the engine echoing across the place while driving.
The road map ushers drivers through places directly connected to this great driver’s professional and personal life. 58 crews, one for every year of the champion’s life, drive ‘on the roads of the Myth’, enjoying wonderful scenery and each other’s company, revelling not only in the history of racing but also in a little friendly rivalry.
Julius Baer is proud to be the main sponsor of Passione Caracciola since his first race in 2015 and continues to support the development for this new convention in motorsport.
In 2015 IWC launched their new range of watches for the oldtimer motorist with a unique touch of old time look to it with enthusiasm for technology into the modern age, now becoming the opening partners of the Passione Caracciola rally.