The past, present, and the futuristic sanctum of Polo.

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The past, present, and the futuristic sanctum of Polo.

From the heart of Equestrianism through the eons to the arcadia of the Sunda Islands of Indonesia discover how this edition of LA POLO’s digital magazine embraces pearls of global equestrianism.

The 178th edition of La Polo’s digital magazine launches the passionate relationship between the world and polo from the aristocratic days till the contemporary times. Then traversing through the complex and amusing aspects of the modern sport of playing polo on the bicycle. Descending through the column spread is the enigmatic relation of the people of Nihi Sumba with the horses; explore how horses are their deities. In the next story indulge yourself in some refreshing athleisure wear: Polo Shirts. Peak through to find out how Polo shirts earned recognition. If you haven’t already you can become an exclusive member of the LAPOLO family and get your hands on special features, videos, and news updates on an immediate basis. Don’t miss out and become a member today by sending ‘LOVE POLO’ on +91 92160 02233. Stay connected with the digital magazine and win a special chance to WATCH POLO WITH LA POLO.

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