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Playmaker Polo by Hugh Dawnay

30th July 2018

A book that teaches the depth of Polo

Playmaker Polo is a one-point book written by Major Hugh Dawnay, who himself was a polo player and an author. Hung Dawnay, who was born on 17th December 1932 was an offspring of the renowned Olympic Polo Player, David Dawnay. Hugh Dawnay, a Major in British Army, started his polo career at 10th Royal Hussars. He achieved a handicap of 3-goal and finally, ended up captaining his regimental team as well as the British Army polo team. Hugh Dawnay, after leaving the army, became the coach of the polo team. Hugh Dawnay gained a deep passion for the sport so much so that he maintained his own polo school as well as club~The Whitfield Court International Polo Vision School in Waterford, Ireland. The international polo vision school and the club were in action between 1976-2002. Hugh Dawnay with his drive for polo game, gained a lot of popularity in the world, in fact, he visited almost 15 countries to teach coaching tips. He also conducted a total of 10 annual polo clinics at Palm Beach Polo & Country Club.

Hugh Dawnay was a wonderful player and a genius in the game of polo. He compiling a book over the game of polo is a remarkable comment on the overwhelming experience of polo. “Playmaker Polo” composed with the onset of explaining to the newcomers the power of polo, and at the same time guiding in-depth to the associates of polo to improve, and maintain the level of the skill. Hugh Dawnay used his tremendous amount of polo experience in binding the book on polo game that provides the readers with reasons as well as explanations helping in increasing the rate of smoothness of the game. With diagrams, chapters covering all diameters of the game and the pony, the book is composed of multi-dimensional applications.

“Playmaker Polo” helps the reader to understand, apply and learn the skillful and challenging game of polo.