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Polo Fights Breast Cancer with the 11th Pink Polo Tournament

21st February 2019 | Pattaya, Thailand

The Pink polo tournament took place on 16th Feb, with Thai Polo claiming the title.

The Pink Polo tournament has garnered a huge fan-base in Thailand since its inception 11 years ago. With the color pink being the theme for the entire event, the Pink Polo tournament has become a special event due to the tournaments charitable cause.

All the proceedings of the event go to a breast cancer charity. This year’s recipients were The Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer, a foundation aimed towards supporting women in their fight against Breast Cancer, as well as raising awareness to the importance of breast cancer screening.

This year marked another significant change in the Pink Polo tournament as the competition kicked off with a press conference, which addressed the breast cancer issue to greater detail.

People attending the event also had a side attraction to look forward to aside from the Ladies Polo competition. A flea market was organized which displayed Lampang horse carriages and a horseback fashion show attended by leading celebrities and youth horse riders of Thailand.

The Tournament

Pink Polo Tournament

Pink Polo tournament saw four 14-Goal teams battling out for the title. The teams of San Eugenio, La Familia Marengo, 1003 Polo and Thai Polo contested for the semi-finals in two intense match ups. 1003 Polo was able to turn down the challengers La Familia Marengo in 8-6 contest and Thai Polo convincingly beat San Eugenio 6-3.5.

1003 Polo and Thai Polo battled it out in the finals and Thai Polo dominated their opposition, claiming the cup with the final score 7-3.