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Polo in Deauville - M Newsletter 89

The Deauville International Polo Club is ready for some great action as it announces the Polo Season.

The Deauville International Polo Club returns this August with some great Polo on display, something for the fans in France and around the world to be buzzing for. The tournaments are a treat as they have the biggest names on display including those of Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres and many more. Other than this, the newsletter talks about major and minor tournaments that are doing around in the realm of polo across the world. These include the Midhurst Town Cup, Benson Cup, Women's International Cup among others. In parts of Equus, the newsletter announces the upcoming equestrian events. After this, the 89th edition of the newsletter steps down in the opulence section that vigorously talks about the lingo logic with the alphabet of the week, an ode to past, feature articles, among others.

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