Emilio Urrea Kirby in action during the Jodhpur Polo Season

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“Polo Is Family, Lifestyle and Dedication”~ Emilio Urrea Kirby

Emilio Urrea Kirby in a trans journey while talking about his love for Polo with LA POLO

If it wasn’t Polo, he says, he would have been a conservationist. That explains why Emilio Urrea Kirby loves Polo, the horses and his passion for the sport. LA POLO gets to know more about his remarkable journey in an exclusive interview.

LA POLO: Tell us about yourself.
Emilio Urrea Kirby: Apart from being a Polo player, I consider myself a person who likes to be in the midst of nature, who tries to converse and explore it. I feel that our ability should be to protect nature and so I try to embrace it and care for it.

LA POLO: How long have you been playing Polo?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: I grew up in the farms with the horses, we had a polo field. So, I had easy access. I used to go to school, come back, play Polo and it was nice growing up in a Polo family. My grandfather was a Polo player, and my father too. I am the third-generation Polo player in my family.

LA POLO: If not Polo, what else would you be doing?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: I would be planting trees and conserving the forest.

LA POLO: Do you also play other sports, like football, rugby or badminton?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: I have always been an athlete who was into tennis, squats, basketball and a lot of other sports like skiing. I believe that a healthy lifestyle outside the field helps you on the field too.

LA POLO: What is Polo for you?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: Polo for me is my lifestyle. You get into Polo with passion or you don’t do it at all. In Polo, you have to embrace every aspect, the horses, the players, they become a family and when you are abroad, all that gets connected, because then you feel that you are a part of a big, big Polo family.

LA POLO: If asked to explain Polo in three words what would that be?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: Polo is my family, lifestyle and dedication.

LA POLO: How is Polo different in India?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: Polo in India is different as they have created a way to unite it with a bigger population. So, you always come here and see school IDs coming in and seeing the game. But back in my place, there is a difference that gets into this beautiful sport. I appreciate the effort that is made here of bringing more people in for Polo.

LA POLO: Out of all the sports, why did you choose Polo?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: I did not choose it, I was lucky I was born into it. I did embrace it, and horses have always been a big part of my life.

LA POLO: How do you think the popularity of the sport can be brought back?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: You need to open the horizons of the game, let people come in, watch it and play it. I have always been a promoter of the sport and you just need to let people in, give them lessons and let them ride. Maybe that’s how non-polo fans will also get an interest into the sport.

LA POLO: How long have you been coming to India?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: This is my second year in India. It feels great to be back here. I love the hospitality of the Indian people, they are so lovable and great humans. What makes India the way it is, is the warmth of the people. I have learnt to appreciate how welcoming they are.

LA POLO: Polo is one of those things that has brought the world together. How good and important is this for the game?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: It is very important to keep the community of Polo worldwide together. It is great to expand the horizon of the game and the players.

LA POLO: With Polo comes a luxurious lifestyle. How would you explain that to a lay man?
Emilio Urrea Kirby: I think Polo does not embrace a luxurious lifestyle. It embraces a lifestyle of loving and being with horses and being healthy. You come into contact with people who appreciate you. But on a daily basis, you need to be with your horses. I feel there is misinterpretation when it comes to this. Polo is all about taking care of the horses and that’s how you will reach the heights in the game.