Cottington Cup. Image credit : Guards Polo Club

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Polo To Look Out For This Week

10th August 2018

LA POLO gives a update to the associates about Polo in action this week.

We at LA POLO bring to the polo enthusiasts a complete update whereby they can keep their calendar informed about the latest polo match happening this week.

  • Cottington Cup 2018
    The low goal tournament will take place at Guards Polo Club. The tournament starts between 7th August to 19th August 2018. The tournament will be an open chance for the patrons of the club to participate in a competitive match so as to grill their skills.

  • Ladies Polo Cup
    This polo tournament will take place in the French land at the Deauville Polo Club. The 6-8 goal tournament gets in action from 8th August to last till 11th august 2018.

  • Federation Cup
    The Federation Cup will get into action on the Russian ground at Moscow Polo Club. The tournament will be seen into play on 11th August 2018.