Polo, realistically speaking

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Polo, realistically speaking

From polo through the modern player’s eyes to the archaic horse and human relations this edition covers it all!

Taking the platform in the 176th edition is the sport of polo analyzed by its heroic features and dangers that give it the title of being an extraordinary game. Global polo players, patrons and experts weigh in through their own stories to bring the realism of the game into your hands. On the same majestic spirit this feature then divulges the historic relation of Turkey and horses through the Great Kingdom, culture and even sports. Did you know there was a unique version of ancient polo played during the Ottoman Empire? Find out more on this edition. The feature then unravels how horses have been alleviating human woes in many ways from anecdotes of international equine specialists. From psychological to physical ailments your horse can truly be your healer. Nothing defines sacred serenity like this week’s luxurious pick you may want to add as your next escape. This property of the prestigious Oetker Collection is authentic French elegance redefined that the modern audience is obsessed over. If you haven’t already you can become an exclusive member of the LAPOLO family and get your hands on special features, videos and news updates on an immediate basis. Don’t miss out and become a member today by sending ‘LOVE POLO’ on +91 92160 02233. Stay connected with the digital magazine and win a special chance to WATCH POLO WITH LAPOLO.

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