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Ensure Safety With Polo Safety Glasses

Polo professionals should ensure their eye safety on the polo field to have maximum output while playing the game. This can be done by using high-quality eyewear that has a comfortable fit, avoid fogging and are lightweight. eyewear have advanced over years in their design and their durability.

The probability of Accidents can be reduced but can never be permanently removed from the polo field. Better less, than having severe injuries. For the same purpose polo equipment of good quality are used to keep the polo professionals protected. The incessant accidents have highlighted the need for adequate steps towards protection of the polo players. The lesser the injuries, more determinant, and enthusiastic the polo player stays. Preserving the authenticity of the game depends a lot on the safeguarding of the polo players which is done by getting best quality boots , helmets , polo safety glasses for them that make them comfortable while playing the sports polo. Most polo players are noticed wearing polo eyewear however some often ignore it. Seemingly, the polo eyewear is said to be worn because of the sunlight, but the theme behind their invention for these polo professionals is to protect their eyesight and the ballhitting the eyes. There are greater chances of you damaging your eye to the core if that hard plastic polo ballor even the arena ballhits your eye, and therefore wearing polo safety glasses is highly recommended. It’s not being alarmist to say the severity of the damage. The danger exists at all levels of polo, at the introductory level where you’re in the guide of hitting a ball. So make sure you’re wearing a pair of eyeglasses that offer good protection around the eye socket and are designed with good airflow to avoid fogging up and the lenses meet standards of the impact protection

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The eye trust that you wear now, and enjoy the advantage of being them lightweight, has a deep history behind its growth in efficiency. Protective eyeglasses have classified over decades when t was first introduced in 1880 when P Johnson's first used the patented “eye protector” made up of two layers of semi-opaque cloth. The inspiration behind it was the ensuring the key safety of the fireman, furnace men and those creatures exposed to bright and intense light. After all these years, this safety eyewear is common in every sphere of life, every commercial and technical sector, in every sport played in the campestral sites or inside water. Be it a construction site or a manufacturing department, sitting in front of the high technical radiating devices or medical industries eyewear have played a major role in protecting the eyes from major impacts, particles in the air, enormous glare, and in majority cases the ultraviolet radiations. The history of vision protection leading up to 2019 where recent advancements have been made in the protective eyewear, from designing it to its functionality and undoubtedly more fashionable

The History of Safety Eyewear

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They say necessity is the mother of invention, whereas so many inventions in history have taken place because of accidents. The invention of safety glasses is an instant of this category. In 1903, French scientist Edouard Benedictus was climbing a ladder in his laboratory to retrieve reagents from his shelf when a glass flask was knocked down the floor. He heard the glass shatter but then to his astonishment he discovered that the piece of the broken flask still hung together in their original contour which was somewhat unbelievable. After he investigated the entire situation he discovered that the flask recently had the solution of cellulose nitrate that is a liquid plastic. Although the solution was washed out or had been evaporated from the flask it deposited a thin film in the interior surface of the container. In the same year, one day accidentally while reading a newspaper he came across a news that insisted him on experimenting with the solution once. The Paris newspaper inscribed a story that mentioned the recent rash of automobile accidents in which the driver was seriously injured by shattered glass windshields. Benedictus applied the liquid plastic coating on the glass to create a safety glass that could be used to protect drivers in automobile windshields.

When invention happens it happens in many places simultaneously. At the same time, somewhere in United States Of America the first teacher of optics, Julius king was considered about the eye injuries and as a result, his company set up an industry concerning the production of eye protection and in 1909 Julis king optical company developed the first safety goggle in collaboration with Americal optical. By 1935, furnace goggles were invented for furnace men workers to protect their eyes from imapct., glare, and harmful light coming from ultraviolet radiations. In the progress, In 1940, American Optical published the first policy on the relationship between "Ophthalmic Professions to Industrial Safety and Visual Efficiency." this eyewear was not as fashionables you find nowadays. They were impeccably ugly and unquestionably heavy. In 1979 the methodology of the production of eyewear changed where any shape was accommodable and desirable depending that it has passed all standards of high speed and high impact tests.

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Accidents depend on with what intensity the game is into a run at that particular instant. A well-hit polo professional ballmay be traveling with a speed of 150-160 km/h, corresponding to 45 meters per second, which might be rare in low and medium goal polo, but definitely both, the balland mallets may still inflict serious injuries. Therefore, USPA strongly recommends the wearing of good polo goggles at all times during the play. There are specifically designed polo glasses that compliant with military specifications to ensure the safety of polo players.

Fogging : it is considered as one of the major problems with safety polo eyewear- especially because the tighter the glasses fit, the more susceptible it becomes to fogging. Many companies have worked on manufacturing anti-fog lens coatings in order to increase its productivity and maintain uninterrupted visibility. These coatings are designed for polo professionals working in hot and humid conditions, physically demanding risks, and in climate controlled areas to prevent irritation in eyes. The other coating designed specifically to cause moisture droplets to flatten out and form a thin film, thereby reducing the scattering of light and allowing workers to see clearly through the glasses. This advancement has increased the performance of the safety eyewear by resisting fogging up to 25 times of washing. It is also more scratch resistant.

Comfort : another aspect to take into consideration while ensuring the safety of the eyewear is its comfort. How comfortably it fits into the socket, ensuring a snug fit that protects the eyes from small particles but it doesn't come too around the temples. All this while, many manufacturers have made attempts to add comfort features such as adjustable nose pieces, side arms that can expand and lengthen based on head circumference, padding where the glasses rest on the cars and nose and a lightweight design.

Blueye eyewear for Polo goggles is the only brand of polo safety glasses designed for Polo players. The brand range was developed in conjunction with Polo professionals in the UK and Australia to provide better comfort, agility, visibility, authenticity, and protection of the eye and surrounding area for Polo. The newly introduced Blueye Eyewear Polo Edge sunglasses are the lightest and most compatible polo eyewear design available on the market, ie. 3 grams lighter than the brand leader, and have high-definition crystal tech-lenses, making visibility of the ballclearer and play sharper.

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Edge polo safety glasses are worn by polo professionals features ultimate safety, impact eye protection, and high-quality safety equipment. These glasses are aerodynamically shaped to provide supreme flexibility and comfort to the polo player. Edge polo safety glasses are designed specifically with an unrestricted peripheral vision for impact protection while playing polo and horse riding. The polo glasses have high impact grilamide frame material and have a nonslipping nose pad. The lens is made up of shatterproof polycarbonate and they provide two choice, polycarbonate smoke lens, and polycarbonate clear lens. This polo glasses shave a snug fit and ensure hallmark of safety in the field.

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The varied reach of these polo goggles by Blueye wear is worn by polo professionals all around the world from Argentina to the UK and to Australia. Developed by International Polo Player Glen Gilmore, these eye protection is a must for all polo players on the field. Polo goggles-wide is high-quality polo equipment. The features include an impact-resistant vented polycarbonate lens and have maximum UVA and UVB protection. The advantage over these polo glasses is that they have interchangeable and replaceable lenses that have an anti-fog coating on lenses. It has an adjustable clip and elastic strap for comfort and safety with an unrestricted peripheral vision. The soft setoperone frame of this polo eyewear that is aerodynamically shaped to provide flexibility and comfort while sealing the eye area from wind, dust, and dirt and has small circular perforations within the frame to allow air circulation to prevent fogging with its anti-fog layer. The lens of the polo eyewear is made up of shattered polycarbonate material. The lens Options: 1. Smoke Lens with Anti-fog Coating. 2. Yellow Lens with Anti-fog Coating. 3. Clear Blue Lens with Anti-fog Coating.