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Polo Season In Deauville: M-NEWSLETTER 95

Polo season in Deauville ushered in style by the women of Polo

The 95th edition of the newsletter elaborately talked about the Polo season in Deauville. In addition, the newsletter talks about the USPA Silver Cup, the Ladies Polo Cup, Hawaii International Polo Cup, among others. Other than that, the newsletter highlights about the upcoming tournaments that will be played in the upcoming weeks. Talking about all the tournaments that are doing a round in the polo world, the newsletter also gave an ode to the Argentine Polo Club. Moving forward, the newsletter takes a step into the equus world where it details about the latest events of horse racing, dressage and show jumping. The next section in the LA POLO's 95th newsletter is the opulence where in the newsletter gives way to some of the interesting topics such as Object of Desire, The Lingo Logic, The Ode to Past among others. Read the complete newsletter in just a click.

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polo season in deauvilla ushered