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Prominence Of Glassware

9th January 2019 | New Delhi

Ever wondered why every drinking vessels for different beverages are so distinctive from one another?

To find answers to these never sought questions, LA POLO embarked on a quest to solve not just ours but everyone else's curiosities and ended up in an interview with Matt Rollins founder and CEO of Dragon glassware. Based out of California, Dragon glassware is a high-end designer glassware boutique, catering a variety of handmade, artisan glassware along with accessories for home and kitchen. the company was founded out of a vision for making people passionate about what they are drinking from just as much as what they are drinking.

Prominence Of Glassware
Prominence Of Glassware
Matt Rollens

Learn more about why the right kind of glassware is important, as well as their other unique and cutting edge products in their catalog in our exclusive interview with them, which is as follows.

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upside down beer glass dragon glassware
upside down beer glass dragon glassware

1.In the bio it has been mentioned that the company started with a dream to change people’s perspective from “what they drink to, what they drink from.” How have you been able to do it now?
From the beginning, it has always been our focus to create products that elevate and enhance the drinking experience. We spend a lot of time researching and developing glasses that are not only functional and beautiful but also provide added benefits to the user. For example, our “Upside Down” Beer Glass not only looks striking and unique, but it also functions in a way to keep beer colder, longer. If you’re a beer lover, you’re going to love this glass because you’re getting a superior drinking experience compared to a can or bottle. Our goal with designing products like our beer glass is that they will change the narrative and prove a glass can be more than a just a glass.

2. It has been a less celebrated history which says that every glass is in a particular for a drink due to its long-lived history and story, that is why a wine glass is a wine glass and a whisky glass, a whisky glass. Then why was it that you felt that people don’t care about what they drink from?

We want to create glasses that appeal to both enthusiasts and beginners. An oenophile is going to be aware of the different types of wine glasses available, but the average person probably doesn’t know the difference, and might not even care. This is shame, because using the right type of glass can fundamentally change the drinking experience. Everything from color, taste and temperature begins and ends with the drinking vessel. We hope that when someone uses one of our glasses, they experience that eureka moment that really makes them appreciate what quality glassware can do.

Prominence Of Glassware

3. You also mentioned that you have a collection 7 unique glasswares, how did the idea came to you and how do you find them different from the others?
We now have over ten unique glasses for everything from beer, cocktails, coffee, tea, wine and whiskey. We listen to feedback from our customers and draw from our own experience to create and design each glass. Because each glass is engineered specifically for a certain type of drink or beverage, they are all different from each other.

Prominence Of Glassware ten infuser bottle
Prominence Of Glassware  ten infuser bottle

4. The bio also read that the reaction of people evokes you to do more, what has been the best remark that you have ever got?

I think any time we hear from a customer telling us our products helped solve a problem is always phenomenal. Our tea infuser bottle is one that receives a lot of praise from tea lovers that are now able to take their favorite loose-leaf teas with them on the go, and not be stuck with only being able to brew and drink their tea at home. Similarly, our products make great gifts for people who are hard to shop for, solving that common problem of finding something for the “guy that has everything”.

diamond glass for drink
diamond glass for drink

5. The “Diamond Glass” that you have produced looks as if defying gravity, and you too have mentioned about it. How did the whole idea of making such a piece come to you?
A few of our products are inspired by designs and shapes found in nature, such as our wave wine tumblers and our crescent whiskey glasses. The diamond glasses are also similarly inspired by the shape of a diamond. The “gravity defying” design was a by-product of how a diamond looks when resting on one of its lower facets. Combining that appearance into the glass helps to give it the unique look.


6. How do you feel glasses are a form of luxury?

There’s a bit of upfront investment involved in purchasing glass, and you must take care of it unlike something disposal. But you will always get the purest drinking experience from glass. It won’t directly affect taste or texture like plastic or other materials will, and there’s just something elegant and refined about holding and drinking from a quality piece of glassware. In a way, I look at glasses as a form of art that makes drinking better, and that’s something I would consider a luxury everyone should experience.