Learing the Reiki technique with actress Kristian Karim

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Reiki with Kristina Karim

Actor and Reiki master says it’s important to release blockages for mind, body, soul healing

Delving into the intriguing and powerful world of Reiki healing for Kristina Karim was a matter of interest, which soon culminated into a profession. Passionate about creating wellness products to promote peace and comfort in everyone’s lives, her sheer dedication towards the numerous benefits of this Japanese therapy to masses is commendable.

Kristina is a talented actress who has starred in FX’s Peabody Award winning show “Better Things”. Seeking a way to heal, Kristina found solace in Reiki. There was no looking back thereafter.

LA POLO interacted with her about the positive effects of Reiki on horses during equine sports. She says: “That is dependent on the horse, the injury, the age, the size, the training…the list goes on. Reiki impacts everyone differently.”

Her Los Angeles-based wellness company, Reiki & Roll, creates products for positive vibes.

Talking about the Chakras of the body, she says: “When a Reiki Master is giving a client Reiki, they are working with that person's subtle body; their mental, emotional and spiritual planes. When these bodies have blockages within them…if they aren’t removed, worked through emotionally, healed, or released in some way…, it can create disease. When we are working with the subtle body, the chakras, which are energetic centres in the body or wheels of light, can be adjusted and cleared.”

She iterated that a large part of healing depends on what a Reiki practitioner or Reiki master learns from his/her Reiki master since each lineage differs greatly.

On being asked whether it is advisable for equine players to learn Reiki in order to connect with their horse, Kristina says that it is more about getting out of one’s own way and connecting with oneself which matters above anything else. Horses instinctively know if a person is standing in their truth and their power as a person.

The nature of therapy for an equine player differs largely from that of the horse. Since every individual has their own share of experiences, they hold onto different things. Nevertheless, the fact that some people are more open than others to Reiki applies to animals as well.


We took this opportunity to get to know more about The Feminine Energy Course offered through her website. Kristina says the course delves into the information which strays from the cultural norms and ideas of status quo. The class is taught of a mysterious spiral. It has maintained an uncanny relation to folklore and myths.

Reiki stands out from other holistic therapies in terms of using body as a vessel to help someone. The wonders of Reiki transgress from the top of the crown chakra, down through the heart chakra, and finally settling down in a circular motion out of palms. “The more I try to force it, the less it works. It’s not me doing the work. It’s my job to basically just get out of the way.”