The revolutionsed athleisure by IBKUL


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Revolutionsing Athleisure

Gleisy Jaramillo, Brand Manager & Vice President of IBKÜL, one of the few athleisure brands to introduce IceFil Technology, in conversation with LA POLO.

Share with us how you felt like there should be something like IBKUL?

Sun protection was becoming more and more of a conversation, especially among women due to yearly check-ups with their dermatologists in regard to skin cancer as well as aging concerns. We saw a void in the golf and active markets for clothing that is highly technological, comfortable and fashionable. Our fabric’s unique quality contains a cooling feature “IceFil Technology”. The IceFil feature is what truly separates us from the market. It cools the skin 3 to 5 degrees when you start to perspire, along with UPF 50+ sun protection, wicking and anti-microbial features, in an incredible soft-hand feel. Our vibrant colours and stylish prints allow you to wear IBKUL for your daily fashionable needs as well.

What drew you into athleisure?

Before IBKUL, there were no athleisure-wear companies that brought all these qualities together. If they had sun protection, they didn’t offer wicking or anti-microbial features. If they had wicking, they didn’t have cooling, and vice-versa. We embraced all of these aspects that were missing in the market and used it to make high quality IBKUL products - meaning you don’t have to sacrifice one quality for another.


For active wear, there are several giants. What USP does IBKUL have?

IBKUL is where fashion and technology meet. Our IceFil fabric is a unique patented technology designed to cool the body temperature, 3 to 5 degrees. IBKUL’s exclusive prints and vibrant colours make you look and feel your best for every athletic and casual occasion. IBKUL keeps you protected from moisture and heat without compromising style.


Suggest an ideal look for men on a date at a polo ground.

IBKUL’s long or short sleeve printed and solid polos paired with a golf pant offer a classic look and will keep you covered. Our IceFil fabric is constructed from innovative performance yarns to boast moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, odour-resistance, and UPF 50+ sun protection to ensure that you will keep you cool and comfortable so you can rest assured– during the moments that matter the most and a date is definitely one of them!

An accessory that can accentuate the casual sporty look?

IBKUL’s vibrant colors and unique prints are eye-catchers. Adding a matching tie or a watch can give you a show-stopping look.


Intangibles, that you think add subtly to the personality of a sportsperson. (for example, confidence, style, etc)

Confidence is needed to play any game, and IBKUL allows you to express your love of colour in our vibrant, playful IceFil prints. It lets your personality shine during and after practice! Our high spandex content allows unrestricted range of motion comfort so you can concentrate on performance.

Share your thoughts on polo wear.

Being exposed to sun for lengthy hours and being involved in a strenuous athletic event, you need features available in IBKUL. It is the perfect clothing needed to meet the needs/wants to keep you cool and comfortable for extended hours while looking fashionable and feeling your best under extreme athletic conditions.

Which celebs you want to wear IBKUL?

Tricky question. The great thing about IBKUL is that it is for absolutely everyone and will have you looking and feeling like a celebrity.