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Rolex With LA POLO

11th August 2018

Rolex, a leading luxury Swiss watchmaker opens up with the LA POLO team.

Truly said, “Every Rolex has a story”. Every rolex carries with itself a fable of tradition, innovation, hardship and best of craftsmanship. With every Rolex, there is a tale of contemporary meeting the heritage. A brand that is associated with the glorious genre of equestrian, a brand that respects the toil, perseverance, determination, and values of the sports. An association which aligns passion with precision and perfection. Inspired by the iconic expertise, LA POLO explores the glorious Rolex.

Catch a detailed glimpse of the interview:

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Rolex is known for its association with a number of sports, like golf, show-jumping, motorsports, to list a few. Why do you think it is important for a brand like yours to associate itself into this mix? How does Rolex range of watches align with the sport theme?

A: As a sponsor, Rolex look to encourage innovation and modernization within each sport, whilst also respecting heritage and expertise. Rolex has cemented its legacy by demonstrating its dedication and unparalleled passion. It is now a part of the very foundations of these sports and plays a major part in some of the finest competitions hosted at stunning venues worldwide. Whether supporting leading athletes or maintaining excellence at iconic events, Rolex is a pioneer and an innovator.

Many watch brands have partnerships with athletes, but you precisely focus on sponsoring the sport. Does that carry a significant reason?

A:Rolex are associated with sports that are driven by tradition and craftsmanship, alongside innovation and a passion for precision and perfection. The values they represent are well aligned with Rolex’s values, therefore demonstrating a natural affinity between the Swiss watch brand and the selected sports. This pursuit for perfection and excellence is found in other areas including Arts and Culture and Science and Exploration, both areas in which Rolex makes a unique and lasting contribution to. The Swiss watch maker focuses on enriching the dialogue between the public and artists of different generations, cultures and disciplines as well as encouraging the spirit of adventure that lies within each person. They engage individuals to follow their passion and reach beyond the limits of their own mental confines to benefit their communities and the wider world.

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Kent Farrington is one of the first equestrian Testimonees for your brand, how do you shortlist the profile for such a prestigious opportunity? How does player association help the brand?

A: Rolex has a long history of partnerships between the brand and its Testimonees, a history that started in Equestrian sport when an alliance was formed with British show jumper Pat Smythe. Rolex has since celebrated its 60th anniversary within equestrianism and has partnered up with some of the most talented riders in the sport. Rolex Testimonees are all iconic champions chosen for their style and elegance. However, the criteria for a Testimonee is more than simply being at the pinnacle of their sport, it is equally about the grace and perfection they personify. Rolex is a major force behind the sport’s most prestigious athletes who represent the intelligence and accuracy of the brand through their historic sporting achievements.

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Rolex has been associated with equestrian sports for a while now, how do you think it has made a difference to the brand from what it was prior to it?

A: Rolex is deeply committed to every level of the sport, from young amateurs to professionals competing in top level tournaments and in 2017 celebrated their 60th anniversary as the crown in equestrian sport. The leading Swiss watch brand supports the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC), a group comprised of the top-ranked riders that promotes the image of jumping in equestrian sport and organizes the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final. At grassroots level, Rolex is affiliated with the Young Riders Academy, which aims to assist in the training and education of young show jumping talents and prepare them for professional careers in the sport. In 2013, Rolex launched the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, a competition that has become the ultimate goal for horses and riders. Within this competition, the brand is associated with four of the most prestigious shows in the sport.

What is Rolex looking ahead with the equestrian field. Any other sport that you are looking at?

A: One of Rolex’s values is innovation and in 2018 they welcomed The Dutch Masters as the fourth Major in the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, marking a new era in equestrian sport. This emblematic Dutch show now joins the ranks of the world’s most historic Majors – CHI Geneva, CHIO Aachen and the CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’. The competition is now comprised of two indoor and two outdoor shows, spread evenly throughout the annual equestrian calendar. Rolex’s enduring relationship with equestrianism continues to push the boundaries of excellence, testing the accuracy and superior skill of the horse and rider combinations with this innovative challenge. Driven by tradition and innovation, Rolex has established a relationship with innovative events in two of the world’s most iconic cities. Rolex became the Official partner to CHI Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2016, a show that has been a major attraction in the United Kingdom’s capital city since its inception in 1943. It was upgraded to a five-star show jumping event the following year and is the only time the private grounds of Windsor Castle are open to the public. Rolex have also established a relationship with the Rolex Central Park Horse Show held in New York, originally known as the National Horse Show that took place from 1883-2002, the new event is the brainchild of founder Mark Bellissimo, whose vision was to increase the popularity of equestrian sport by making it more accessible to a wider audience. The show is the first, outdoor, multi-day equestrian event in New York.