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Royal Coffee Maker

Every machine is an extravagant piece of art: a story unfurls to deliver a novel and bespoke coffee experience.

The Royal Paris Coffee Maker is more than a statement of extraordinary taste; it is a commitment to making every moment of your life extraordinary and celebrating with those you love. It is about honouring exquisite traditions and creating a new legacy.

“Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break!”
- Earl Wilson, American journalist

The Royal Coffee Maker is a definitive articulation of class conjuring up impressions of Imperial Europe, the Orient Express, and the Great Gatsby, when excellence and style dominated.


As boiling water moves through the handcrafted pipet, it has already cooled the critical few degrees required before reaching the grounds. As a result, coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to extract the delicate oils and flavours but not so hot as to impart a “scorched” taste. As a Royal delicately balances its temperatures, the water never physically “boils” when it comes in contact with the grounds.

This is just one example of how each Royal is tuned by the skilled craftsmen to brew the purest coffee. There are no artificial filters to impart a “paper” taste, nor to dilute the aromatic oils. This magnificent dining art is a great addition to the ultimate statement of extraordinary taste.

The Royal Paris collection aims to recreate an imperial experience for the most discerning palates.


It is handcrafted by award-winning Parisian sculptor, Monsieur Rieutort, who spends countless hours chiselling each object. The glasswork is custom-made, numbered and hand-painted at the Baccarat factory in Nancy, France. The machine is firmly seated on a semi-precious stone base, such as malachite, black obsidian or azurite and is custom-polished and machined in Germany, followed by preferred finishes of 24K gold, copper or silver.

Made as a bespoke piece in limited edition, each creation is numbered and taken through a final test by master craftsmen. Each Royal Coffee Maker requires a minimum of 50 hours of craftsmanship. The luxury coffee maker displays a unique, sequential number and represents the epitome of personalisation and perfectionism. Family crests or initials may be engraved for added heritage.


The machines come in two styles, Classic and Modern and four types of finishes, 24k gold, Bi-Color--a combination of 24k gold and silver, Silver and Copper.

All work is carefully done by hand to give a jewellery-class finish. From the moment you commission your stand-out Royal, a story unfurls to deliver a novel and customised work of art.

“Among the numerous luxuries of the table...coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions...is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.”
- Benjamin Franklin