Indian polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

A Spectacular Win For ASC Polo Team In The RPC Cup Of The Indian Polo Season 2018.

13th September 2018 | Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan – Getting all the Polo fans in the country excited, the Indian Polo Season inaugurated in Jaipur with RPC Cup (06 goals) being played in Jaipur from 12th September at the Rajasthan Polo Club.

The match between ASC Polo Team and Chandna Group took place on 12th September at 3:00 pm. In the 6-goal match, Chandna Group played with a total handicap of +5 so they were awarded 0.5 points before the match. The ASC Polo team played with the likes of Lt. Col V Chauhan (+4), Col GS Pandher (+2), Naveen Singh (+2) and Sep Ravinder (-2). Chandna Group looked confident, even though they were playing with 1 less handicap. Gerardo Mazzini (+6), Ashok Chandna (+1), Dhananjai Singh (0) and Sanjay Jakhar (-2) were playing for the Chandna Group in the first match of the Cup.

Both the teams were ready to show their dominance over the cup by winning the first match of the cup. The match started with Salim Azmi & Pratap Singh Kanota as the umpires and Pranav Kapoor as the referee of the match. The game had both the teams giving a tight competition to each other but the match turned completely in favour of ASC Polo team in the fourth chukker.

The first chukker began with Gerardo Mazzini scoring the first goal of the match, with Chandna group taking the lead by 1.5-0. The first half was rather slow and ended with ASC taking the lead by 2-1.5 with goals from Col GS Pandher and Naveen Singh. Both the teams went into the field with a hope to take a lead in the first half. Col GS Pandher opened the chukker with a goal and giving ASC a lead of 3-1.5. Chandna Group didn’t hold back for long and took the lead with goals from Ashok Chandna and Gerardo Mazzini. The first half ended with ASC taking the lead by 4-3.5.

The second half opened with goals from Naveen Singh and Gerardo Mazzini, taking the score to 5-4.5 with ASC Polo team taking the lead. The third chukker was an intense one and it couldn’t decide the match. With both the teams trying their level best to take the lead, the matches were getting pretty