Polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

Sahara Warriors Continue Their Winning Form On Day Three Of The RPC Cup

17th September 2018 | India

Sahara Warriors had the match in their pockets from the start.

Jaipur Rajasthan – The third day of the RPC Cup started with Sahara Warriors facing Polywood Polo Academy. It was the first match of the day and both the teams were eager to win the match. It looked like it was going to be a tough competition but Sahara Warriors had completely dominated and the match was completely one-sided.

The match between Sahara Warriors and Polywood Polo Academy took place on 14th September at 3:30 pm. Polywood Polo Academy played with a total of +4 handicap in a 6-goal match. Sahara Warriors were the favourites to win the match. Sahara Warriors were confident after their previous win and were ready to win again but Polywood Polo Academy wanted to make up for their losses so it was going to be a good match. Sahara Warriors played with the likes of Cote Zegers (+5), Salim Azmi (+3), Vandit Golecha (0) and Hurr Ali (-2). Polywood Polo Academy faced Sahara Warriors with Bhawani Kalwi (+2), Kuldeep Singh Rathore (+2), Pratap Kanota (+2) and Sameer Mecca (-2) playing for them. The match started with a score of 1.5 – 0, with Polywood Polo Academy given the lead as they were playing with less handicap. Even though Sahara Warriors were the favourites, Polywood Polo Academy weren’t able to put up a strong competition against them and Sahara Warriors had the match in their pockets from the start.

Cote Zegers opened the match with a goal and taking the score to 1 – 1.5, with Polywood Polo Academy in the lead. Polywood Polo Academy couldn’t retain their lead for long as Cote Zegers scored another one and the score was 2 – 1.5. The first chukker ended with a goal from Salim Azmi and Sahara Warriors in the lead by 3 – 1.5. Polywood Polo Academy couldn’t score in the first chukker and they returned in the second chukker to stop Sahara Warriors from scoring but were unsuccessful in doing so. Salim Azmi scored the fourth goal for Sahara Warriors and extended their lead. Cote Zegers closed the first half with a goal. Polywood Polo Academy were not able to score in the second chukker too. The score after first half was 5 – 1.5, with Sahara Warriors in the lead.

The third chukker started and Salim Azmi scored once more and extended Sahara Warriors’ lead. Polywood Polo Academy were still goalless and the third chukker was also goalless for Polywood Polo Academy. Sahara Warriors had taken a brilliant lead and were just playing easily. The third chukker came to an end with a goal from Cote Zegers, taking the score to 7 – 1.5. Sahara Warriors were in the lead after the third chukker and had completely dominated the match. The fourth chukker opened with a goal from Salim Azmi. Polywood Polo Academy couldn’t score a single goal in the whole match and they were easily dominated by Sahara Warriors. Cote Zegers and Hurr Ali, each scored a goal to finish the match. The match ended with Sahara Warriors winning the match by 10 – 1.5. Sahara Warriors had completely destroyed Polywood Polo Academy and earned their place in the semi-finals