Polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

Sahara Warriors Crowned As The Winners Of The RPC Cup 2018

17th September 2018 | Jaipur

It was a brilliant battle but Sahara Warriors took an excellent lead in the starting which helped them win the match.

Jaipur, Rajasthan – The final day of the RPC Cup saw Sahara Warriors battle it out against Jaipur Polo team for the final of the RPC Cup. Both the teams tried their best to win the final. A nerve-wracking match between the best teams of the RPC Cup had the audience on their toes. Although there was only one team in that game but it was a good and enjoyable match.

The final of the RPC Cup between Sahara Warriors and Jaipur Polo team took place on 17th September, 2018 at 4:30 pm. Both the teams played with a total +6 handicap. There were no favourites to win the cup but a brilliant game display by Sahara Warriors made them the winners. Both the teams stood strong against each other ready to display a brilliant game of Polo. Sahara Warriors played with Cote Zegers (+5), Vandit Golecha (0), Salim Azmi (+3) and Hurr Ali (-2). Jaipur Polo team played with the likes of Abhimanyu Pathak (+5), HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3), Nemendra Singh (0) and Ranshay Purohit (-2). Sahara Warriors were clear of their intentions and strategy and everybody could see that by the way they were playing. Sahara Warriors started the match with full aggression and didn’t let Jaipur score a single goal in the first half. The match was completely one sided and Sahara Warriors had grabbed the match with all their might.

The match opened with a goal from Vandit Golecha, which gave Sahara Warriors a lead of one goal. The score was 1 – 0, when Vandit Golecha scored one more to take the lead to 2 – 0. It was the last goal of the first chukker. Jaipur couldn’t score in the first chukker. Sahara Warriors stepped in the second half with a lot of confidence and Cote Zegers opened the second chukker with a goal, taking the score to 3 – 0. The second chukker was in progress when a goal from Salim Azmi destroyed Jaipur’s hopes of winning the match taking the lead to 4 – 0. The first half ended at a score of 5 – 0. It was completely evident who was going to win the match at the end of the first half. Vandit Golecha was in a brilliant form and had already scored three goals for Sahara Warriors.

The third chukker started and Jaipur tried to make a comeback with a goal from Abhimanyu Pathak. Abhimanyu Pathak was suddenly unstoppable and score one more goal for the Jaipur Polo team. But it was too late and Sahara Warriors had already taken a big lead. Sahara Warriors scored one more goal to add to the misery of Jaipur Polo team and the scoreboard now showed a score of 6 – 2 with Sahara Warriors in the lead. The match ended at this score and Jaipur lost the final to Sahara Warriors. It was a brilliant battle but Sahara Warriors took an excellent lead in the starting which helped them win the match. An awesome match that ended with Sahara Warriors win.

Here’s an exciting news for all the Polo fans - The Gen Amar Singh Kanota Cup (08 goals) will be starting from tomorrow. Mustang Polo team will battle Sahara Warriors in the first match of the Gen Amar Singh Kanota Cup.