Polo | Jaipur Polo Season 2018

Sahara Warriors Open The General Amar Singh Kanota Cup (08 goals) On A High Note With A Win

18th September 2018 | Jaipur

The first match of the General Amar Singh Kanota Cup saw Sahara Warriors battle it out against Mustang Polo team in an 8-goal match. Both the teams tried their best to win the opening match of the cup. It was going to be an intense match but Sahara Warriors took a big lead in the first half and the match was completely one-sided after that.

Jaipur, Rajasthan Sahara Warriors and Mustang Polo team battled against each other on 18 September 2018at 4:30 pm. Mustang Polo team played with a total handicap of +7 in an 8-goal tournament. Sahara Warriors played with Cote Zegers (+5), Salim Azmi (+3), Pranav Kapur (+2) and Hurr Ali (-2). Mustang Polo team had Th Lokendra Singh Rathore (+3), Dhananjai Singh Rathore (+2), Vishwaraj Singh Bhati (+1) and Br Janmejai Singh Rathore (+1) playing for them. The match started with a score of 0.5 – 0 with Mustang Polo team given a lead of 0.5 point. The match looked quite intense in the start but Sahara Warriors just took off after the first chukker and the match became completely one-sided after that.

Cote Zegers scored the opening goal for the Sahara Warriors and the score was 1 – 0.5 with Sahara Warriors in the lead. Mustang weren’t behind to follow up with them. Vishwaraj Singh Bhati scored one for Mustang and the scoreboard now showed 1 – 1.5. But Sahara Warriors didn’t allow Mustang to score a single goal in the match until the last minute. The first chukker ended with Cote Zegers scoring two back to back goals and taking Sahara Warriors’ lead to 3 – 1.5. In the second chukker, Sahara Warriors completely dominated the match and Cote Zegers scored twice in the second chukker too. The first half ended with Sahara Warriors in the lead by 5 - 1.5.

Sahara Warriors entered the second half with full confidence and were prepared to take a full swing at the opponents. There were two goals scored in the third chukker. A goal from Salim Azmi and Hurr Ali increased Sahara Warriors lead and completely destroyed the opponents. The third chukker ended on a score of 7 – 1.5 with Sahara Warriors in the lead. Sahara Warriors didn’t stop scoring in the last chukker either. A goal from Pranav Kapur and Cote Zegers extended Sahara’s lead and the scoreboard now showed a score of 9 – 1.5. A consolation goal was scored for the Mustang Polo team by Dhananjai Singh Rathore in the last minutes of the game. The match ended with Sahara Warriors winning the game by 9 – 2.5. An incredible opening match ended on a good note for the RPC Cup winners.