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Who Makes It To The Semi Finals Of HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup ?

24th January 2019 | Jaipur

HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup witnessed fierce action for the semi-finals.

HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup 2019 is in full swing at Jaipur and today's match prove it well. The first match of the day, played between Rajnigandha Achievers and Garcha Group at the RPC ground, was umpired by Jason Dixon and Gonzalo. The match progresses into its play time as the players arrive on the field for a warm-up session before the match. As the grandstand starts to pack, the umpires arrive at the field to blow the whistle for the match. A not-so-sunny day counts up for the match as the officials and players look well prepared for a little breeze.

The match begins with both the teams lining up for an intense and an exciting first match. Playing with Dhananjai Singh (0), Kuldeep Singh Rathore (+2), Matthew Perry (+6) and Siddhant Sharma (+4), Rajnigandha Achievers are ready to give a fierce fight to Garcha Group, playing with Vandit Golecha (+1), Gaurav Sahgal (+3), Satinder Garcha (+2) and Manuel F Llorente (+6).

The match kicked off with both the teams trying hard to score the first goal as the scoreboard showed the first chukker in progression. The first chukker was quite intense and defensive as no goals were scored in the first chukker.

Chukker 1: Rajnigandha Achievers: 0
Garcha Group 0

The second chukker opened with Manolo F Llorente scoring the first goal of the game. Trailing by a goal, Rajnigandha Achievers scored a goal to level the match. The second chukker saw Garcha Group leading the match after the first half. A series of goals by Garcha Group in the second chukker led to a good lead for the team.

Chukker 2: Rajnigandha Achievers: 1
Garcha Group: 3

The third chukker was a complete turnover as a good defence from Rajnigandha Achievers didn’t allow Garcha Group to score a single goal in the third chukker. Rajnigandha Achievers closed the third chukker after scoring three back to back goals.

Chukker 3: Rajnigandha Achievers: 4
Garcha Group: 3

The last chukker of the game was full of action and witnessed a taut battle as there was a no clear-winner after the third chukker. With both the teams scoring back to back goals in the last chukker, the fate of the match was difficult to decide. Both the teams scoring 3 goals in the last chukker, the match had to come to an end because of the downpour. The match was stopped in between and the final scores of the first match was:
Rajnigandha Achievers: 7
Garcha Group: 5

Match Progression: Rajnigandha Achievers: Garcha Group: (0-0)/ (1-3)/(4-3)/(7-5)

Rajnigandha Achievers: the first team to go into the semi-finals of HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup.