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Who Makes It To The Finals of Vodafone Sirmour Cup?

2nd February, 2019 | Jaipur

Four teams come into battle it out to qualify for the finals of Vodafone SirmourCup

The semi-finals of Vodafone Sirmour Cup started off with an intense zeal to fight off the battle to qualify for the finals.


Vandit Golechha +1 Sunny Patel +1
Salim Azmi +3 Ashok Chandna +1
Matthew Perry +6 Dhruvpal Godara +5
Siddhant Sharma +4 Gerardo Mazzini +6

Playing with a 0.5 point lead, Chandna Group opened the scoring for the second semi-final with Dhruvpal striking the first goal of the match. As the match progressed, Siddhant Sharma opened the scoring for Sahara Warriors. The score was 1.5 - 1 after Siddhant’s goal, with Chandna Group in the lead. Progressing in its closing minutes, Matthew Perry, the star player of Sahara Warriors, scores a goal to end the chukker with a lead for Sahara Warriors. The first chukker ends at,

Chukker 1
Sahara Warriors :2
Chandna Group :1.5

As the teams arrive for the second chukker, the intense match continues as both the teams try hard to score a goal. Ashok Chandna strikes the first goal of the second chukker. A good display of defence from Chandna Group didn’t allow Sahara Warriors to score a single goal in the chukker. Dhruvpal Godara scored from a long shot for Chandna Group to extend their lead. Chandna Group winded up the second chukker with Gerardo Mazzini striking a beautiful goal. The score after the second chukker was,

Chukker 2
Sahara Warriors : 2
Chandna Group : 4.5

The third chukker of the second semi-final saw Matthew Perry scoring for Sahara Warriors as the teams clashed after the break. Matthew Perry scored twice in the opening minutes of the game to bring Sahara Warriors back into the game. The score was 4 - 4.5 after Matthew’s double. A brilliant effort from Dhruvpal Godara was stopped mid-way by Sahara Warriors’ defence. Matthew Perry scored again to help Sahara Warriors get in the lead. A goal from Salim Azmi extended Sahara’s lead in the match. Sahara Warriors were leading by 7 - 4.5 when Ashok Chandna scored a goal.

Chukker 3
Sahara Warriors :7
Chandna Group :5.5

The fourth chukker opens up with a brilliant strike from Matthew Perry. The powerful strike from Matthew Perry marked the eighth goal for Sahara Warriors. The score was 8 - 5.5 with Sahara Warriors in the lead after Matthew’s goal. Chandna Group were quick to respond to Matthew’s goal as they scored a goal to maintain the fierceness of the semi-final. Dhruvpal scored a goal in the dying minutes of the fourth chukker. Matthew Perry scored a goal in the last seconds of the fourth chukker to end the chukker with a good lead. The scoreboard showed a difference of 1.5 goals after the fourth chukker.

Chukker 4
Sahara Warriors :9
Chandna Group :5.5

With the scoreboard showing a difference of 1.5-goal, the match was in its final stages with no clear winner. The excitement for the match was clearly seen on the faces of the spectators, who were on the edges of their chairs. As the match progressed into its final chukker, both the teams battled in an intense fight to score a goal. Sahara Warriors switched their play to defence and made it difficult for Chandna Group to score a goal. Only one goal was scored in the last chukker which was scored by Dhruvpal Godara. Sahara Warriors won the second semi-final and qualified for the finals.

Chukker 5
Sahara Warriors :9
Chandna Group :8.5

Match Progression: Sahara Warriors vs Chandna Group: 2 - 1.5 | 2 - 4.5 | 7 - 5.5 | 9 - 7.5 |


Abhimanyu Pathak +5 Shamsheer Ali +6
Simran Singh Shergill +6 Dhananjai Singh 0
HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh
Singh Of Jaipur +3
Satinder Garcha +2
Sunjay Kapur 0 Manuel F Llorente +6

The first semi-final of the cup saw Sona Polo go head to head against Garcha Hotels. The match kicked off at 12:00 pm at the Cavalry Ground with both the teams marching in the ground for the action. The warm-up session ended after the umpires, Jason Dixon and Lt. Col Vishal Chauhan blew the whistle for the match to start. Excited to their nerves, the spectators were eagerly waiting for some brilliant Polo action. Going head to head, Sona Polo and Garcha Hotels were involved in an intense battle as only two goals were scored in the first chukker of the match. Both the goals were scored by Shamsheer Ali for Garcha Hotels. Flying off to a great start, Garcha Hotels ended the first chukker on a high.

Chukker 1:
Sona Polo 0
Garcha Hotels 2

The second chukker kicked off with Shamsheer Ali scoring a brilliant goal for Garcha Hotels. Shamsheer’s goal made it to 3 - 0, with Garcha Hotels in the lead. Resuming the match from the centre, Simran Singh Shergill made a brilliant run from the right with Abhimanyu Pathak. Scoring the first goal for his team, Simran Singh Shergill helped his team get back in the game. The score was 3 - 1 after Simran’s goal. Trying hard to score a goal, Garcha Hotels extended their lead with a brilliant goal from Manuel F Llorente. Satinder Garcha scored a goal in the dying minutes of the second chukker and ended the chukker maintaining a fantastic lead for his team.

Chukker 2:
Sona Polo 1
Garcha Hotels 5

Sona Polo and Garcha Hotels entered the third chukker to resume the intense battle. Kickstarting the chukker, Simran Singh Shergill hit a powerful strike to open the scoring for the chukker. The powerful strike by Simran Singh Shergill marked the second goal for Sona Polo. The score was 5 - 2 after Simran’s goal with Garcha in the lead. The battle was quite intense as both the teams tried hard to score a goal. Good defence from Sona Polo held the Garcha Hotels to score any more goals. Simran Singh Shergill scored a goal to end the chukker and after the third chukker, the scoreboard read;

Chukker 3:
Sona Polo 3
Garcha Hotels 5

Leading by 2 goals, Garcha Hotels entered the fourth chukker with a yearn to extend their lead. The fourth chukker witnessed intense action as only one goal was scored in the fourth chukker. The only goal of the chukker was scored by Manuel F. Llorente for team Garcha Hotels. Maintaining a good lead, Garcha Hotels switched the play to defence and didn’t allow Sona Polo to score a single goal in the fourth chukker.

Chukker 4:
Sona Polo 3
Garcha Hotels 6

The last chukker kicked off with a powerful strike from Simran Singh Shergill. The man in form, Simran Singh Shergill played brilliantly and a great effort from the man was stopped mid-way by Garcha’s defence. HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh scored Sona Polo’s fifth goal. The goal from HH Maharaja brought Sona Polo back in the game. The intensity of the match was heightened as the scoreboard showed a difference of just one goal and the match was in its finishing minutes. Out-matching Sona Polo’s defence. Shamsheer Ali made a brilliant run from the left and assisted Satinder Garcha for a goal. Satinder Garcha’s goal marked the 7th goal for Garcha Hotels. HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh scored one more goal for Sona Polo but the match was nearing its end and Sona Polo fell short of one goal and couldn’t make it to the finals.

Chukker 5:
Sona Polo 6
Garcha Hotels 7

Match Progression: Sona Polo vs Garcha Hotels: 0-2 | 1-5 | 3-5 | 3-6 | 6-7