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Inspiring People To Be A Part Of Polo- Simran Singh Shergill

Simran Singh Shergill, professional polo player from India at a candid tete-a-tete recently inspired people to a part of Polo

Soon after he stepped up the stage and rested his athletic body on the soft velvet of the chair, the star polo player of India, Simran Singh Shergill was shot with an array of questions of what polo is for him at a recent event, ‘Rendezvous With The Stars’ in Gurugram organised by M3M Group for the inauguration of M3M Polo Suites. Smiling indifferently with his face flushed with a light blush, he faced up to the confession of Bollywood actress who sat right next to her. Dia Mirza said, “ Before you (Simran Singh Shergill) say anything, I need to say something. I used to bunk my school to go and watch Polo matches. Two of my friends, Shamsheer and Basheer Ali from Hyderabad played Polo and I used to go very often to watch them play. I am a big fan of the sport.”

 Simran Singh Shergill

Adding to the confession of the Bollywood actress, the polo player notingly remarked during the candid talk show that was hosted by Vineet Nanda, President Sales and Jyotsna Chauhan, Advisor Marketing in the presence of Basant Bansal, founder and chairman of M3M Group; Pankaj Bansal, Director of M3M Group. Simran Singh Shergill said, “ Polo is a very unique game where it does invite a lot of people, a lot of glamour too is involved in it, but there is also a lot of hard work that goes behind it. Not just playing but even to look after the horses. You have to take care of the horses and also of the people who take care of the horses. But obviously, when you go and play, some people appreciate while some just come to see. It’s very important for any sport if they want to do well is to invite more people and be a part of it. By ‘being a part of it’, it could be just coming and watching the sport or coming and inspiring someone to be a part of it. As we grow higher in any sport, I think it is our responsibility to bring out the good bits of the sport so that you can inspire or you sort of have to be a part of it."

 Simran Singh Shergill

The polo player took to the stage to address the step that M3M builders have made towards the sport. Simran Singh Shargill said, "Thank you so much M3M for involving Polo, involving me with it and I will be very happy to share it with more people and share the message and magic of it.” Simran Singh Shergill further added instances defining the fine line of love he shares with everything involved with his horses. The polo player said, “We spend our entire life with horses. Our spouses, parents and kids get too much of them. We wake up with them, we spend so much time with them, we try to make their lives better and in return, they teach us a lot. If any of my horse is ill, I will be sitting with my horse and my son will be sitting alone at home. So, that’s the relationship we share.”

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