The only reason you should let your head down is to admire your stilettos

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Slain by Stilettos

30th June 2018 | India

Let's raise the bar. Icons never go out of style. Nor are they created on a whim. Long years of painstaking passion goes to make a lovable legend. Deep study and research enhances the ethos. The rarest of diamond is polished with zeal. The glow is everlasting, LA POLO is committed to celebrate legendary milestones that have left a distinctive mark. Drool-worthy stilettos, gleaming crystal chandeliers, the Calcutta Polo Club that has hosted top-notch stars, and the amazing Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai exemplify stuff legends are made of Browse through these pages to take a close look.

The sleek heel is the quintessence measure of high style
A pair of good heels has the power to transform the most boring pajamas to a red carpet look. The history of such an exquisite artefact is shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. The heels clearly meant to elevate a person from the ground, which could have had both spiritual and practical implications. Heel lovers might not receive the fact with aplomb that in some cultures, butchers used them to avoid dirtying their feet with the remains of slaughtered animals. That would probably be Christian Dior’s worst nightmare!

Another practical use was to keep the aristocrats and blue-blooded people above the mud; indeed Londoners used it to escape the filth-laden streets of medieval and early modern times. Some others believe that heels were the essential male equestrian footwear of the eastern countries where the riders wore them to flaunt style.

Another bizarre fact explains that extremely tall heels, touching up to 18 inches, were used by the prostitutes in Venice to lure clients. Some people associate the origin of the stiletto to the widespread use of chopines in the 1400s. A cursory glance over the middle-age chopines will make heel-lovers drool over the exquisite ornamentation and unique designs. These femur killers made it difficult for the ladies to move around and dance; feminists were soon to claim that heels were indeed a weapon to control women.

Queen Elizabeth I is the first documented user of the European heel. Clothing historian Janet

Stiletto, I look at it more as an attitude as opposed to a high heeled shoe.

– Lita Ford