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Southern Command Cup

Mumbai hosted the Southern Command Cup 8 goal tournament, the 4th of the season.

Proceedings of the 8 goal Southern Command Cup:


day 1 image

Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai, saw five exciting and challenging Polo days when the 8 goal Southern Command Cup started on 12th January 2021. The first two matches set the tone for the tournament. LOS POLISTAS had a Midas touch and won the game against RD POLO by a margin of 2½ points. The 2nd match was low-scoring but not any less exciting than the first. DYNAMIX ACHIEVERS emerged victorious against V POLO by a lead of 1½ points. 



day 2 image

The 2nd day of the tournament brought disappointment for RD POLO as they lost the match comprehensively against PIRAMAL/ASC, with Samir Suhag of RD POLO the only lone warrior scoring two goals for the team with the game ending at 2½-4. 



day 3 image

The 3rd day saw a nerve-racking match when the game went into an extra chukker between LOS POLISTAS and PIRAMAL/ASC. By the end of the 4th chukker, the game was evenly poised as the scoreline was four each. The last seven minutes were gold for spectators as the match could have tilted either way, but Dhruvpal Godara sealed the deal for his team ASC/PIRAMAL, scoring the golden goal. 



day 4 image

It was a virtual semifinal on the second last day of the tournament, and the two teams competing were DYNAMIX ACHIEVERS and V POLO. DYNAMIX ACHIEVERS got the better of their nerves and won the match by 2 points entering the Southern Command Cup final. 



The stage was set for a high voltage match on the final day between DYNAMIX ACHIEVERS & PIRAMAL/ASC. The finale had everything from a high-speed tackle goal to a nasty fall. Dhruvpal Godara & Lt. Col. Vishal Chauhan took charge of their team PIRAMAL/ASC scoring three goals each, with the tournament's best goal coming from Dhruvpal Godara. Daniel Otamendi of DYNAMIX ACHIEVERS won the hearts as he scored two goals, but that was enough for his team to cross the finishing line, with PIRAMAL/ASC clinching the trophy.