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Staying Fit In Polo Style

Polo as a sport requires the players to stay fit and toned while they are in play, but as the sport is, it never gets out of your blood. Witnessing this, we got on board with some of India’s veteran polo players. Find out what they had to say.

Polo, as they say, is an addictive sport. Only two things can take you away from it, one, either you get bankrupt or you die. Until these two do not strike you down, no one can take you away from the sport and its passion.

Being a part of the sport, LA POLO has witnessed how polo players, more specifically the veterans even after retiring away from competitive games, still are a part of it. Also, at times, it is a sight to see them all come up and play on specific days and matches. But, with this comes a question of what do these veteran polo players do to stay fit. In this quest, we reached out to Rajesh Sahgal, Jaisal Singh and Jai Shergill, the inescapable trio of Indian polo fraternity. In the conversation we asked them as to what keeps them going and playing.

At this, Rajesh Sahgal said, “Well for me it's the passion for the sport which drives me year after year to play polo. Having played for nearly 43 years and still playing after having broken probably every single bone in my body, at some point or the other; having had a head concussion, passing out for five to six hours, breaking a shoulder and a fractured ankle in bad fall while playing in ‘92. However the love for the game is never ending.” Telling about his fitness regime these days, Rajesh Sahgal added, “However I walk for an hour every morning and do some stretching exercises, to keep my mind positive and rear to play year after year.” Lastly, speaking of a message for LA POLO, he added, “God Bless you and all specially all those connected to this great sport of Polo.”


Following the conversation, Jai Shergill talking about his routine these days added, “I keep myself fit nowadays by walking, yoga, light weights on my terrace. Also I eat my meals on time to keep a healthy mind. That’s the key and you will be fine.”


In the conversation, Jaisal Singh talking about his fitness routine during the days of social distancing said, “My 'curfew' exercise regime involves being in the saddle, luckily! We have a wooden horse at home so my children and I are able to practice every day. We hit a few hundred balls! From the time I was a young player, I've found this to be hugely beneficial. Then I walk 5km on the treadmill while watching a good polo match on the screen and then ending up on the rowing machine before doing a few free hand exercises and stretching.” Ending the input he said, “Also, importantly, trying to eat a balanced and nutritious diet.”


That’s how the polo players are keeping up with their fitness. We hope we all take inspiration from them and stay fit!