Step aside Birkins there is a new player in town- The De Sede Handbags

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Step aside Birkins there is a new player in town- The De Sede Handbags

From establishing themselves as a staple in the furniture market, de Sede is now on a mission to carry this legacy of theirs to the handbag and leather accessory market.

From a humble saddler’s plant in Klingnau, Switzerland, a corporation arose that now engages over 110 people with a distribution channel that now retails furniture in more than 69 countries, and caters to the market of not only some of the biggest countries on the planet namely United States and Russia, the GCC countries, but to even developing markets viz. China and Brazil. None of this would have been possible without the artists in that small establishment that devoted themselves to remodeling the highest quality leather available into accommodating furniture.

The company expanded immediately from that second ahead: best designers that met the international standards were hired to make sure the accommodating furniture being produced by the company is not only top-notch in quality but also are contemporary in design and awe-inspiring. To cope up with the ever-increasing demand further production plants were added to the portfolio, and a worldwide shipping network was instituted. The company’s elegant designs that cleverly integrates conventional and definite Swiss craftsmanship quickly made the brand a staple in the furniture market.

After making a name for themselves in the furniture market de Sede is now planning to break into an even more cutthroat market- the accessory market. They have already launched their first-ever line of handbags in India this November. “India today is seen as one of the most promising, emerging markets in the world. It is probably the right time to be in India and be a part of the India growth story. But even more important is to find the right people, who appreciate our quality and design. Therefore, we only enter in a market when we find dedicated people. So we launched our furniture in India few years back and have seen an excellent response and we are very confident that the handbag collection will also be well received and appreciated in India.” said the CEO of de Sede, Ms. Monika Walser.

In order to show how much the Indian market means to them, they’ve announced a special collaboration with designer Varun Bahl. de Sede’s competency with exceptional leather fused with Varun Bahl’s attentiveness to detail adornment brings forward a unique capsule of handbags. “India is a very important market for us at de Sede. In our bid to show further commitment to this market and take back a part of India through our bag collection to the world, we decided to collaborate with an Indian designer who represents the ethos of Indian art and marries it with the de Sede philosophy and strength in leather. We hope to jointly create iconic products which will be known for generations just like our furniture.” stated Ms. Monika Walser.

Now if you find yourself thinking- but why handbags? Here’s what you need to know. With the brand’s latest collection of handbags, de Sede commences on an excursion around the world. The hand-made one-offs are a necessary and dependable associate to their satisfied purchasers – and with their very own personal story of origin, provide the quality, standards, and aesthetics of the Swiss producer onto the world‘s trails.

If you want to get your hands on de Sede handbags you can find them in India at de Sede stores, luxury boutique stores across India as well as buy them online at Tata Cliq Luxury and Elitify from the comfort of your own home or your nearest Starbucks wherever you feel comfortable feeding into your retail therapy addiction. The collection will start from INR 8,900 to INR 3 crores for limited edition bags.

De Sede has launched a collection of total 13 handbags and each one is as immaculate as it can get and a class of its own.

1.DS- Angel

This unique treasure is fabricated from hand from scratch to commission and is a limited edition handbag with only 100 units to be produced and sold worldwide. It’s made up of a total sum of 166 diamonds with up to 8.2 carats the are applied using filigree technique at the clasp and transitions of the handle. DS-ANGEL is the icing on the cake of every elegant woman’s precious moments. This luxurious handbag is stitched entirely by hand in the manufactory of Klingnau. The 8.2-carat diamonds and other valuable metals are courtesy of Blum goldsmith‘s house in Zurich.

2.DS- Angel Clutch S

The DS-ANGEL CLUTCH is ornated with 18 diamonds set in gold, which makes this pocket envelope gleam like stars. This piece of art is stitched by hand with accuracy, the fold on this bag and the employment of the appliqués require the highest degree of dexterity. Daintiest KASHMIR PRESTIGE leather is prepared exclusively for this clutch, which meets the highest quality standards and impresses everyone who sees it with its astonishing display and even more precious feel. The diamonds and other valuable metals are courtesy of Blum goldsmith‘s house in Zurich


3.DS- Clutch Series

These intelligently fabricated clutch series come in 3 different shapes and sizes and provide an endless amount of functionality. The midsized variant which comes in A5 size was made with keeping work-after events in mind. And the smallest one is ideal for any red-carpet event as it’s small enough to fit in your hand without making your hands feel cluttered. All the other variants are based on an unmistakable envelope bag, which resembles and provides the functionality of an oversized envelope.


4.DS- Velvet

The DS-VELVET tote bag pays accolade to the artwork of leather operation. The bag solely out of smooth KASHMIR PRESTIGE leather, which illuminates exceptional sophistication. Varying on the positioning of the nap, the velvety matt appearance changes and hence provides different accents. The seams that are on the edge of the handle of the bag are stitched entirely by hand and underline the superior quality of the bag in a distinct manner.


5.DS- Grandezza

This traditional trapeze-shaped bag comes with a rectangular base and an absorbingly dangled veneer. The handbag itself is produced using the most superior quality leather available, which gives it a mild and mellow feel. Hinging on the color, the cover of the handbag is composed of divergent KASHMIR PRESTIGE leather. This bag has a velvety appearance and changes its color varying on the direction of the nap. Cross-seam on the handle of the handbag and the strap seam on the edge of the bag are all stitched by hand and grant the leather its individual standing and unquestionable popular variant potential.


6.DS- Office

This carefully crafted bag offers everything one would expect and want from an office brief-case without being an office brief-case. In case you don’t feel like carrying the bag in your hand, it can be turned easily into a backpack or a shoulder bag. This bag comes with a zippered section enhanced with six working inner compartments along with two additional compartments on the outside of the pocket that accommodates excellent storage opportunities.


7.DS- Shopper

This attention drawer is produced using fine leather combinations with an elite design that makes it the perfect luxury shopper. The leather of the bag has been overlapped with such precision that the center of the bag creates an urbane teardrop detail. The look is commissioned by elegant shoulder straps with a hand-sewn cross seam. The shoulder straps have been devised to be longer on purpose so that the handbag is able to be carried easily either over the shoulder or conveniently in the hand.


8.DS- Weekender

This is a perfect bag for an ideal weekend getaway as it can fit easily in the boot of any GT car or inside the bag compartment while flying first class and enhances every voyage. This handbag incorporates five functional and fully securable sections that are to be utilized in any way the consumers choose. The jewel of a bag offers an unparalleled leather experience and isn’t easy to come around.


9.DS- Sport

This is solely created with the people who like to hit up the gym in style. The leather that this DS-SPORT bag is produced out of is remarkably flexible and ages in a fascinating manner. It rocks a convenient ziplock that offers has plenty of room as well as inside pockets to keep one in order whilst making them come across trendy. The wearer has the option to carry it in their hand, strap it on a shoulder or fastening it to their trolley.

10.DS- Wallet Fold

DS- Wallet fold acts as a testimonial to de Sede’s impeccable artistry. He most notable design element of this wallet is its teardrop-shaped fold, which allows each of their wallets to rock an obvious appearance. On opening up, the billfold one will have an encounter with the sleeves, receipt pockets and plenty of card slots that will aid in keeping everything in order. It’s small enough to easily fit into one’s back pocket and stylish enough to grab everyone’s attention on being pulled out of it.

11.DS- Wallet Coin

Just like DS- Eallet Fold, DS- Wallet Coin’s most notable detail is its teardrop-shaped fold, this teardrop-shaped detailing grants their wallets a unique appearance. It comes with four credit-card openings, a bill slot, and a snap-flap coin case that helps to keep everything in order and avoids cluttering and to top it all off it’s tiny enough to slip into anyone’s back pocket.

12. DS- Wallet Zip

A wallet is your best bet if you want all of your personal items to stay well organized. Presenting the evident feel of the smooth leather, this purse is already making its way to become a modern classic amongst the variety of other marvelous handbags and other leather goods from de Sede. Since it features a dual-compartment inside it equips the wallet to have slots to hold card, sleeves and a zipper pouch.

13. DS- Laptop

Once you’ve gotten yourself an amazing range-topping laptop you wouldn’t want it to get scratched or worse have a broken screen, that’s where this sleeve comes in to be the knight in shining armor that your precious laptop deserves. This sleeve is fabricated using the same high-quality leather that de Sede’s handbags and couches are made of and is carefully padded as well in order to provide extra protection. Since this laptop cover comes in a lavish packaging it makes it ideal for presenting it to your loved ones as a gift or if you feel you need extra pampering this holiday season even yourself.