The Streets Of Manipur

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In The Streets Of Manipur

11th February 2019 | Manipur

Let’s wander into the streets of the state that gifted the world Modern Polo

Manipur is a place of fairs and festivals, a land that loves to be vibrant about everything and anything, and to such a place, LA POLO brings a quick sneak on things that you need to do once in Manipur.

Let’s get started….


When At Loktak Lake, Boat
Loktak Lake is a home for small islands and phumdis giving way to freshwaters that are shelter to some of the extensively beautifully colored fishes. Guided with the backdrop of the scenic mountains, it is must to go for a boat ride in the majestic waters of the place. Loktak lake is home to Manipur’s most unique Keibul Lamjao National Park, that stands as a shelter to some rare species. And not to forget, the national park is declared as the only “Floating National Park” of the globe. Why would anyone want to miss stepping into such a magical island.

The Streets Of Manipur

Capture The Wow At Moreh-Tamu International Market
If you are fond of some unique eaters, veggies and all the healthy stuff, this is the place for you. Well, not just food, the place is a hub for handicrafts too. Although it settles around 110 kms from Imphal, the capital of Manipur, but reaching it is not a hard job. Located just on the borders Indo-Myanmar borders, the Moreh-Tamu International Market is sure to give you some interesting stories to enchant in your older days.

The Streets Of Manipur

Find The Unique At Keibul Lamjao National Park
Haven to the rare species Eld’s deer or the Brow-antlered deer Keibul Lamjao National Park has been tagged as the only “Floating National Park” across the world. Makes you want to go there? What are you waiting for !

The Streets Of Manipur


The state of Manipur loves to love you, like literally, for you will hear the Manipuris saying “ I Love Yu”. Fantastically, the Manipuris have a drink called “Yu”, that is made of fermented rice, to make as smooth as Vodka. The famous drink is used for offerings, relaxation, and medicine. Now it’s up to you how you enjoy the Manipuri love for “Yu”.


Do you know how does skipping a breath feels? If not yet, you need to look with an up eye at the throbbing capital of Manipur, Imphal. That’s how you will get the energy of the city of rich history. The streets of the city are a abstract combination of modern beauty and cultural diversity, with vendors selling some interesting things, while the city holds at its heart some thumping arches.

The Streets Of Manipur

Places of interest in Imphal:
1.Ema Keithel (Mother’s Market)
2.Loktak Lake
3.Red Hill Lokpaching
4.Kangla Fort
5.Sirohi National Park
6.Manipur State Museum
7.Sekta Archaeological Living Museum
8.Manipur Zoological Gardens
9.Keibul Lamjao National Park
10.Jama Masjid
11.Shree Govindajee Temple
12.Khonghampat Orchidarium
13.Matai Garden

Lush forest, sprawling grasslands, forgotten stories, and religious treasures, all of it unites at the wondrous temples of Bishnupur. The place is a hub of temples like, Pancha Ratana, Susunia Pahar, Dal Madol, Shyamrai Temple, Jor Bangla Temple.

The Streets Of Manipur

Places of interest in Bisnupur:
2.Jor Bangla Temple
3.Pancha Ratana Temple
4.Dal Madol
5.Susunia Pahar
6.Shyamrai Temple
7.Siddheswar Temple
8.Radha Shyam Temple
9.Sridhara Temple

Ukhrul, a hamlet of fresh air and picturesque beauty that resembles the countryside that one reads in English novels. A perfect place for a romantic date with your loved ones can come true with some scenic beauty that you would never want to take your eyes from.

The Streets Of Manipur

Places of interest in Ukhrul:
1.Khayang Peak
2.Shirui Kashung Peak
3.Kachou Phung Lake
4.Khangkhui Cave
5.Shirui Kashung
6.Hundung Mangva Cave
7.Nillai Tea Estate
8.Ango Ching

Manipur is not just this, there are various other places that might interest the traveler in you. LA POLO unveils to you the entire list.

*Thoubal- Thoubal River,Imphal River, Ikop Lake, Waithou Lake, People’s Museum, Louis Lake, Thoubal Bazar, Khongjom War Memorial
*Churachandpur- Ngaloi Falls, Tuibuong Tribal Museum, Tonglon Cave, Khuga Dam, Tipaimukh
*Senapati- Mao, Yangkhullen, Dzuko Valley, Liyai, Purul, Maram Khullen, Makhel Cave, Sadu Chiru Waterfalls
*Tamenglong- Zeilad Lake, Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, Barak Waterfalls, Kisha Khou, Tharon Cave, Buning Meadow
*Chandel-Moreh, Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary, Tengnoupal


Manipur is a state of culture, and tradition, that has been since centuries tied to the glory of the religion it carries with itself in every bit it does, from the art of dance to the wondrous offerings. Here is a short glimpse of the happiness.

The Manipuri Calender of Joy:

One of the most important festivals of the Kabui Nagas, Gang-Ngai is celebrated for five days during the month of December/January. Opening with the omen taking ceremoney, the festivals gives way to boys and girls, men and women of generations coming together to perform the traditional dance of the place. The five day long festival witnessed common feast, and gift exchange during the time of farewells.

The Streets Of Manipur

Celebrated for five days from the full moon of Phalguna, Yaosang is one of the main or let’s say premier festival of Manipur. The festival closely associates the Thabal Chongba folk dance, where girls and boys hold hands and sing as well as dance while in a circle. The festival also witnesses groups of boys and girls collecting donations from houses as a monetary appraisal to be spent on the parties during the festival. The festival in short is what Diwali is to North India.

The Streets Of Manipur

Cheiraoba: The New Year Of Manipur
Celebrated in the month of April, Cheiraoba is the new year of Manipur, where people clean their house followed by decorations and preparation of special dishes meant for the festival. During the festival, the villagers climb the highest point of the nearest hill marking that they will rise to achieve the greatest in life.

Some of the other festivals of the state include, Kang: The Ratha Yatra of Manipur; Heikru Hitongba; Ningol Chak-kouba; Kut; Ramjan ID; Chumpha; Christmas.

There is a thing about Manipur that would not let you resist your heart!!