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Styling Celebrities Since 1955

11th August 2018 | USA

A tale of elegance and craftsmanship encapsulated in the threads of 63 years old culture.

Founded by master tailor of Beirut, Anto Sepetjian, Anto Beverly Hills is a synonym of quality craftsmanship. A renowned name in the world of bespoke tailoring, Anto is an excellent blend of traditions and technology. The brand is known for being a favorite of people like Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise, Alexander Skarsgård, Leo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp etc. LA POLO brings to you the unknown story of Anto Beverly Hills.

LA POLO: A fine name in the world of shirt-making! What's the tale behind the start of Anto Beverly Hills?
ANTO: Anto’s founder Anto Sepetjian was a master tailor from Beirut and immigrated to the USA with his family in the early 1970s. He carried on his work in Los Angeles where he quickly became well known amongst leading entertainers, politicians, executives, businessmen and menswear connoisseurs for his perfect fitting and well made bespoke shirts. During the same time, the costume designers of Hollywood had a great need for shirts made to perfection for the actors on screen, and Anto became the go-to amongst the Hollywood community. His craft led him to earn the reputation as America’s leading shirt maker.

LA POLO: The art of shirt-making since 1955! How is the legacy still maintained?

ANTO: Anto instilled his passion for the craft to his sons, Jack and Ken, who joined the business in the early 1980s. They have carried their father's legacy by mastering the craft and by marrying old world traditions with new world technology. The results are some of the most exquisite and luxurious shirts made in the world today. Now the third generation has joined the Anto team, carrying the legacy by branching into the digital space and expanding the brand into ready to wear shirting and men’s accessories.

LA POLO: Merging tradition with fashion can be hard. How does 'Anto Beverly Hills' achieve it? ANTO: Every year, we travel to Italy to purchase some of the latest fabrics from the finest mills in Europe. The majority of these fabrics will be classics and some will be seasonal.Besides bespoke shirting, Anto has two ready to wear labels that define tradition amongst fashion. Anto 1955 is a collection of dress shirts, casual shirts and formal shirts that have been inspired by popular bespoke shirts and classic essentials that make up a man's wardrobe. The Anto Beverly Hills Label is an exclusive collection of men’s shirts that embrace the identity, leisure and luxury of Beverly Hills. Within these two labels we offer the same level of craftsmanship and fine shirting as our bespoke shirting, with two separate identities.

LA POLO: The first time is the best time. What is the story of Anto Beverly Hills first emergence on the big Hollywood screen? ANTO: We have been working in the entertainment industry for such a long time and our story has developed alongside all the different types of productions we have made shirting for. We’ve producing shirting and accessories for classic films from Sting starring Robert Redford to the original Ocean’s 11 with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia. We’ve dressed Frank Sinatra and the rest of The Rat Pack, to modern day films like Inception, La La Land, and many more.

LA POLO: Anto Beverly Hills provides a customized made to measure privilege to customers worldwide. How does it work? ANTO: Anto’s 1955 shirt collection allows current and new clients, who are unable to visit store locations for personal measurements, the ability to enjoy the legendary Anto quality. All Anto 1955 shirts provide shoppers with the option to customize their shirt for an additional $55. In customizing shirting, you’ll be able to select your preferred fit amongst fitted, classic and regular fit along with submitting your neck size, chest size and sleeve length. This assures a closer custom fit than ready-made shirting. Just as with Anto bespoke shirts, made to measure shirts are made to the highest standards.

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