USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women's Challenge Champions: Alazanas Foxi | Credit-US POLO

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Alazanas Foxi Win The USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge At Eldorado Polo Club.

8th January 2019 | USA

Balance & Defence resumes the match as it evolves as one of the most nail-biting matches of the tournament

Fascinated land of California polo held at Eldorado Polo Club unfold with wind blooming laboriously and the sky turning meritorious blue. Crowd screening and chanting cheerful nodes for their teams. The USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge opened graciously with propitious gestation. The game displayed balance defensive capabilities in both the houses and in addition, filled with the occult passion of the realm for the game.


The USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge held at Eldorado Polo Club, California, unlatch between 2 teams contesting for glory. Alazanas Foxi go head to head with Plank & Co. Both teams have shown strong display of defensive to hold the opposition and let’s watch which team will come hard on other opponents for victory.

Here is the team squad for the teams as follows-

Mrs. Kate Weber Mrs. Kendal Plank
Mrs. Malia McCoy Mrs. Cheryl Schindel
Mrs. Jessica Bailey Mrs. Dayelle Fargey
Mrs. Meghan Gracida Mrs. Tiffany Busch

The first chukker undertook with Alazanas Foxi, the hometown team, favoured with half point advantage in the beginning of the handicap. Chukker under-ways with both team demonstrating strong understanding and brawny defence from both the houses ended with no scoring side. Here ends the Tidy 1st chukker with the results, Alazanas Foxi- 0.5 and Plank & Co.- 0. Alazanas Foxi giggling with the point advantage in this chukker. The second chukker begin with Plank & Co. looking to show the Cantina crowd what they are capable of. Out of sudden, Dayelle Fargey, Plank & Co., faking the opponent and scoring 2 goals consecutively for his team gratification. Talking about Fargey, she holds the best playing Pony award winner Ebony. Here ends the 2nd chukker with the result Alazanas Foxi-0.5 and Plank & Co.-2.

The third chukker under ways with home teams looking for an incredible comeback. Weber & Bailey converting the goal for their team bounty to hold the within the lands of California. Alazanas Foxi team adding their Defensive capabilities to show their opponent formidable classiness of their gameplay. Here ends the 3rd chukker as well with the scoreboard result as Alazanas Foxi topping with -2.5 points and Plank & Co.- 2.

The 4th and final chukker undergoes with both teams settled suitably for winning the challenge. Defining what they are capable of, both teams have led their engines started and defence holding the line as a gateway towards the hell. Out of sudden, Gracida scores merely an impossible strike which saw Alazanas team takes the lead higher. Again, Plank & Co. looking dramatically weak and bound, favouring the opponent team with a silly penalty. Weber jockeying around the ball and converts it beautifully for his team. The scoreboard result is now, Alazanas Foxi- 4.5 and Plank & Co.-2. Out of sudden, Fargey scoring one more goal for his team to bleak the difference but the time was lagged up. Here ends the 4th and final chukker with the Alazanas Foxi- 4.5 and Plank & Co.-3.

Congratulation to Alazanas Foxi for winning the USPA Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge.

Adding to the Individual Awards, Kate Weber, based on her tough, brawny and incredible play, was crowned with the award- “Most Valuable Player and Ebony”. Dayelle Fargey's second chukker mare, was adorned with the Award for “the Best Playing Pony blanket”. The Sunny Hale Memorial Horsemanship Award was presented to Catlin Dix of consolation winner Ocean Mist/Prime Time. Clapping for Alazanas Foxi Team.

The Women’s Challenge at Eldorado Polo Club.
The Women’s Challenge at Eldorado Polo Club.