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These Equine Artists Are All Set To Blow Your Mind

Gallerist Katerina Morgan showcases equine artworks at her online gallery.

Artists are said to be like children who refuse to put down their crayons. Gallerist Katerina Morgan inspires many equine lovers with her online art gallery, mostly dedicated to polo artworks. The virtual art gallery https://katerinamorgan.art/ provides a platform for professional contemporary artists, and fulfills the needs of art lovers who are looking for drawings, photography, paintings and sculptures with equestrian themes. The clients can find ready pieces or order commission artworks. Also, our artists can create big and exclusive projects, like monumental real size bronze sculptures and wall paintings for private residences, clubs, hotels, or business centers. Katerina works as a bridge between artists and her clients.Many of her clients are busy business people and she tries to save their time, by attending them fast and with complete information, helping them with choices and organizing shipping. People usually think that purchasing through a virtual art gallery can be more expensive, than directly from an artist, but in this case, the prices are exactly the same. With the gallery you have security purchase, as Katerina’s gallery is legally registered, and she puts her name and reputation to the gallery, as a mark of guarantee. And after the first months in the art market, she also has some clients coming back to purchase a second piece for the collection. Katerina says: “I love art and my passion for polo converted to this project. Nearly 35 percent of major art galleries are working online without physical space due to Covid", she says. This provides new possibilities to artists to have more vision in the world. “I admire all artists, they are very gifted and lucky people, having the capacity to make new and creative things that we can enjoy in our homes every day,” she says. Katerina surely does a fantastic job, bringing in so many equine artists to a single platform.

Katerina Morgan Katerina Morgan

Among the artists who are working for her gallery is Salvador Fernandez Oliva, a sculptor.He was five when he first visited the racecourse with his father who was a handicapper. His first horse sculpture was made out of “hollowing” a block of clay, but he realized that he lacked the technique to express the movement of the horse. Salvador gradually mastered the art of sculpting. “Small polo player”, a work by him, is presented every year at the Ayala Polo Club. Apart from being a sculptor, Fernandez is the author “The creativity of the look” and “The musicality of Colour”. 

salvador-fernandez-katerina-morgan-art-gallery-art-sculpture-lapol Salvador Fernandez Oliva with one of his sculptures
salvador-fernandez-katerina-morgan-art-gallery-sculptors One of the art works by Salvador Fernandez Oliva at the Horse Polo Art Gallery organised by Katerina Morgan

Luci Maclaren is another artist at the gallery, who with her dynamic mix of colours, brings out exceptional and striking effects. Luci was born in Perth, and has been an artist for over 10 years. She has been involved with solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Edinburg and London. Her favourite surface area is raw linen.

luci-maclaren-art-gallery-exhibition-la-polo Luci Maclaren
Luci Maclaren's painting displayed at the Online Art Gallery

Another artist, Tianyin Wang, based in London, received his BA (Illustrations) from Arts University Bournemouth in 2009 and in the same year received a New Blood Award from D&AD. He works with charcoal. His unique style of illustrations is known as “motion impressionism”, where he does not focus on the details too much, and tries to make photorealistic artworks. He works freehand, without guidelines.

tianyin-wang-horse-polo-art-gallery-katerina-morgan-exhibition Tianyin Wang
tianyin-wang-katerina-morgan-horse-polo-art-gallery-painters-la-polo One of the many works of Tianyin Wang

Artist Martin Rodriguez was born in the land of wineries and vineyards. His first artwork “Rebirth” was about his vacations in the Pacific Ocean. He was fond of horses since childhood.

martin-rodriguez-horse-polo-art-gallery-la-polo Martin Rodriguez with his painting
rafael-lago-katerina-morgan-polo-art-gallery-la-polo Rafael Lago's piece of art

Rafael Lago is a painter, muralist and a sculptor. His inspirations are drawn by the changes in energy and physiognomy a horse goes through, from being absolutely at peace, to being triggered by different situations, and how his postures change dramatically, alongside with the brightening of the fur, the bulging of the muscles and the change in its attitude.

Yutao Gu is a Chinese artist who lives in France. Her art is termed as “cubist” due to the distinct patterns and shapes that are seen in her artworks.

yutao-ge-horse-polo-art-gallery-katerina-morgan-exhibition-la-polo Yutao Gu while painting one of her works
yutao-ge-kateina-morgan-horse-polo-art-gallery-painters-la-polo One of the works by Yutao Gu

Anna Cher engages people’s mind, to encourage them to transform abstract images into emotions, and back. She says: “By combining abstract perception and realistic recognizable objects, I want the viewers to dive into the world of emotions and at the same time keep the connection with the world of familiar things.” She is a rider, who is inspired and fascinated by the strength, agility and body control of the horses

yutao-ge-horse-polo-art-gallery-katerina-morgan-exhibition-la-polo Anna Cher
yutao-ge-kateina-morgan-horse-polo-art-gallery-painters-la-polo Anna Cher's painting at the Online Art Gallery

Ninon Van Der Sande, popularly called Ninon Art, believes that everyone is born with some or the other talent. She is not only an artist, but also a horse-riding trainer, a Tibetan yoga and mindfulness teacher and is also into music. Being a riding instructor, she knows the equestrian world closely

yutao-ge-horse-polo-art-gallery-katerina-morgan-exhibition-la-polo Ninon Van