Things to do while in Yogyakarta

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Things to do while in Yogyakarta

Are you planning a vacation? Here’s the best place that would be the perfect escape- Yogyakarta

If Jakarta is considered Java’s economic and metropolitan substation, then Yogyakarta should be deemed its soul. A trip to Indonesia isn’t complete without experiencing the crust of the reef’s aesthetic and cerebral heritage, Yogyakarta. Modern-day Yogya is an immense urban center comprising of malls, convenience-food chains, and transportation fixes.

What To Do When In Yogyakarta?

There are plenty of indulges to partake in while being in Jogja (Yogya), but before doing anything else you should head to Borobudur temple to chase the sunrise, this Buddhist temple is structural beauty in itself. Upon arriving at the world’s most spectacular and largest Buddhist monument complex saunter around the complex to explore its beauty. Emerging out of a potpourri of bottle-green paddies and swinging palm roofs, this gigantic Buddhist fragment is one of the continent’s most astonishing wonders.

Once you’ve checked that off your to-do list, head down to Prambanan village to visit the Prambanan Temple. The Hindu pantheon of the “slender virgin”, commonly known as a collection of Loro Jonggrang, was constructed in the 9th century while Java was dictated by the Hindu Sanjayas of Old Mataram in the north. It comprises of three significant temples and sepulchers, the main area is devoted to esteemed Hindu’s God Trinity which are Deity Shiva Mahadeva, Deity Brahma & Deity Vishnu. Once that is out of the way, take a little time to sit back and unwind while watching the sunset at Prambanan Temple.


After you’re done with spiritual liftings, head straight to Merapi mountain to find an adventure waiting for you, it’s called Merapi Lava Tour and endure the breathtaking landscapes of Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Mount Merapi, on a 4x4 Jeep, this off-road thrill resides in Central Java on the edge of Yogyakarta. It's an obligatory harbor for adventurers seeking to traverse the outdoors and relish in an amazing high-elevated adventure.

Everyone who travels anywhere brings home a souvenir, wouldn’t you rather go someplace and come home armed with some new knowledge or skills? Well if that is something which happens to be your speed you’re going to absotuletely love the Jogja Batik Course. Enter a common batik workshop in Batik Rumah Suryowijayan for an overture to this popular handicraft.

Roam around the buildings, observing experienced artisans using this antique method to make these desirable fabrics. See closely as intricate patterns are meticulously drawn or imprinted in wax and get schooled about the symbolism of distinct patterns and colors. Note the production of dyes, composed of natural components that are nicely mingled and simmered together.


Then it will be your turn to begin from scratch to create your own novel, personalized batik. You’ll be guided by an experienced artist in creating your very own design and employing wax using conventional tools. Blend the dye, then thoroughly dip the fabrics and voila you’ve successfully completed your batik course, your vibrant colored clothes along with white patterns will later be unveiled from beneath the wax.

Where to Shop when in Yogyakarta

If you’re the type of travelers that love taking souvenirs home, you’re going to feel right at home at Malioboro street. It’s located in the core of the city and proceeds to be notably the most well-known street in the whole of Yogyakarta. Malioboro is filled with shops retailing questionings, and road merchants offering keepsakes at minimal prices, so everyone is bound to find something that peaks interest here.

Batik is the chief draw at Malioboro (this normally-colored material is a backbone of Javanese society), Batik found in Malioboro is pretty inexpensive, subsisting largely of the imprinted variety, unlike the handcrafted batik honored for Indonesian formalwear; if you want the latter, Solo and Yogyakarta's batik villages are the places to go to. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to stroll around the market exploring the Javanese culture, there are plenty of one-stop destination shops that are founded just to cater to the needs of travelers who are in a haste.


What to binge eat while in Yogyakarta

All of this traveling is bound to make you hungry and eateries in this place offer cuisines for even the pickiest of picky eaters, from Indonesian, Italian, Vegetarian to pub food anything that your heart can crave for this place is capable of catering it to you.


  • If you’re in the mood to try traditional Indonesian cuisines Bu Ageng, Omar Duwur Restaurant, Gadri Resto, Tojoyo 3 are some of the restaurants you can go to.
  • For vegetarians, there is a restaurant named Milas.
  • If you’re in the mood for some Gelato(Italian for Ice Cream) Tempo del Gelato is a charming venue offering Italian ice-creams.
  • And for Pub food head over to Oxen free is a famous drinking point in an aged colonial building.

What place should be called home in Yogyakarta

When traveling to a place with such a rich historic background it’s only suiting that your stay at a destination like such be at place that has just as rich of a historic background as this country if not more. So for your stay ought to be at The Pheonix Hotel. It was built as a private residence by Kwik Djooen Eng, who was a well-known spice trader of the time. It was then acquired by Liem Djoen Hwat, a local businessman, who transformed Kwik Djooen Eng’s manor into an affluent hotel that he named the “Hotel Splendid.”

The Hotel Splendid continued in service up until the early 1940s, that’s when the Japanese invaded Java during World War II and renamed it as the “Hotel Yamato”. The Japanese Imperial Army used the structure as the place for their headquarters in Yogyakarta. But when Japan tasted fall at the hands of the Allies, former owner Liem Djoen Hwat took back the possession of his magnificent building.

He ultimately revived it as the “Hotel Merdeka” in 1951 to great praise. For the next 36 years, the Hotel Merdeka forged a legendary reputation for its astounding conviviality. The hotel quickly matured an alluring holiday destination for tons of visiting diplomats along with global personalities.


It even became the home to renowned President of Indonesia, Sukarno. Given its prominent ancient importance, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture assigned the hotel as a national historic landmark in 1996.

A subsidiary of AccorHotels -Sofitel is now the proud owner of this marvelous gem, which was acquired by them in 2009. Since then, Sofitel has boastfully maintained the building as the notable Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta.

Nightlife in Yogyakarta

If you’re a party animal and tearing up dance floors is your favorite weekend activity, Yogyakarta’s nightlife is going to sweep you off your feet. We recommend you to hit up these 2 spots first and foremost if you want to be off to a good start.


This particular fashionable rooftop bar (and famous restaurant). The furnishings are downtown stylish and on top of that there’s an ornate bar where bartenders mix imaginative and classic cocktails; happy hour here starts at 11am to 8pm. They have a great wine list and DJs perform here most evenings. In the evenings, this place is buzzing.

Sakapatat Social House

Situated a tad bit out of the way in a suburban area north of the city is this hip, modern Belgian-owned gastro lounge. Serving several regional beers on tap in addition to Belgian beers along with an extensive menu of mocktails. You can either go with the leafy beer garden or airy interior with unsealed brick walls. They also have a list of Belgian fries, delicious burgers and Philadelphia style steak sandwiches on in-house made bread.